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You’ve been invited to JDB’s fishing party – Fishing Disco! 

wetron Fishing Disco

JDB, known for developing exquisite slot machine games, has mastered key technologies and has strong advantages with its quality content and gameplay. Every game JDB launches have taken the Asian market by storm. Today, Wetron Gaming will introduce another major game product of JDB – Fishing Disco. Let’s see how they create a unique fishing game that keeps players entertained at all time!

• Fishing Party at Retro Disco

In 2020, JDB launched Fishing Disco, which has aroused widespread discussion since its launch and is deeply loved by fishing game players around the world. The most important reason why it can stir up topics and discussions in major online casinos are the following factors. Compared with other fishing games, Fishing Disco combines the theme of disco with the game. From the dynamic rhythm to the dance music background that brings excitement to players, as well as a variety of disco-style fish species, leading players to the modern age but yet full of fond memories.

• The fish pond turns into a dance floor, making players want to groove with it all night

Of course, in addition to the dazzling theme, the JDB game development team also designed many features for Fishing Disco, to catch the players’ eyes and also grab their hearts. In the gameplay, if the player captures the Dragon Disco, he will have the opportunity to trigger additional game rewards and play the Dragon Disco mini-game. If he captures the Dance Music Wheel, the special game wheel will be triggered for players to choose a position to dance and start the wheel to get 40 -200x rewards.

• Dance with the Fish King to win up to 1,000 times the prize

One of the highlights of the Fishing Disco game is the disco-style Rock and Roll Fish King. When it appears in the fish pool, players can get party diamonds and have a chance to get 100-300 times the score. When the player hits the Disco Cannon, the player can get 10 times the basic multiplier, and additionally get 20-100 random free bullets. Furthermore, it can accumulate up to 999 rounds of bullets. If the player hits the Happy Bomb, he can get 10 times the basic multiplier, receive an extra free Happy Bomb, and have a chance to catch all fish species along the way after shooting.

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