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This casino game is guaranteed to keep players hooked – 3 Card Brag by Playtech!

wetron 3 card brag

Which casino game attracts the most attention from players? Is it roulette? Or baccarat? Or is it blackjack? That’s right, the above three games are all extremely popular in casinos, but if you want to play something different today, what game would you recommend to your friends? Wetron Gaming recommends a classic casino game – 3 Card Brag, let’s see what’s so great about it!

• 3 Card Brag is fast-paced and easy to play

The gameplay of 3 Card Brag is very simple. Players must first bet an Ante or Pairplus when entering the field. Then, the dealer will issue 3 cards to the player and himself, and then the player must choose to block the Raise or give up the Fold. Finally, the banker turns over his cards and compares them with the cards held by the players (provided that the banker’s hand must have a Q or higher card), and the one with the larger card type wins.

• Playtech launches Live 3 Card Brag

As a leading online casino game developer, Playtech will naturally not let go of the opportunity to bring the classic casino game 3 Card Brag online. In Playtech’s Live 3 Card Brag game, players can chat with dealers in real-time and can view the record statistics of each previous transaction. In order to facilitate players to place bets, the payout tables for ante bonuses and pair bonuses are displayed on the game screen.

• About Pairplus odds offered by Playtech

The Pairplus odds offered by each casino are different. In Playtech’s Live 3 Card Brag, Pair1:1, Flush4:1, Run6:1, Running Flush30:1, Prial40:1.