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VIP Roulette online table game

VIP Roulette

VIP Roulette online table game

The live casino game VIP Roulette will entice gamers with more upscale tastes. While playing their preferred kind of roulette, players are treated to an opulent setting. Certainly, the risks are larger, but so are the rewards. Players will be able to make the most of their time at the tables thanks to a variety of extra features like side bets and favourite bets. 

Graphics and Theme of VIP Roulette

When it comes to the live casino market, casino software supplier Evolution Gaming has once again shown that they are miles ahead of the competition. Another excellent illustration of why Evolution is regarded as one of the best is VIP Roulette. High limit roulette is available through VIP Roulette, which is aired live from Evolution’s spotless game studios in Latvia. 

The gaming interface is expertly designed to give players the best possible VIP experience. The camera angle from which a player wants to see the game is their choice. The freedom to choose the dealer, the shuffle, and even the game tempo is part of the VIP customer experience. 

Every effort is made to imitate the glitz of traditional casinos. Professional dealers improve the visually stunning studio environment by interacting with players during live games. 

Mechanics of the VIP Roulette

The regulations for playing roulette are the same as those you would find in any typical European casino. The game supports all of the common wagers placed at a conventional casino and has a single zero bet grid. 

A player must first select the proper chip size before selecting the necessary sector on the interactive roulette table to place a wager. While VIP Roulette has been built up to accommodate greater wagers, players can place both inner bets and outside bets. With stakes starting at just €2, the game is still relatively reasonable. 

Standard RTP for the game is 97.3%. A player’s profits have no upper limit because they are highly influenced by the number and type of bets being made. 

Special Features of VIP Roulette

While the actual roulette game may be quite common, VIP Roulette distinguishes itself by the extra services they provide. With the live chat feature included in the game, players can speak with both the dealer and other players in real time. 

The camera angle, video quality, and even the sound and music settings can all be changed by the player. There are buttons for “deal now” and “spin now” in the game. With the help of these features, the player can efficiently regulate the game’s pace of play. 

Players can place neighbour bets and store their favourite bets in VIP Roulette, which adds to the list of extra features.

Last but not least, the game has an Autoplay option that enables players to place bets automatically after their initial one. 

Play on the Mobile Version

The fact that VIP Roulette has been optimised for use on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices will please players who enjoy playing casino games on their mobile or tablet at the comfort of their own house.  

Our Verdict

Anyone who wishes to feel like a “high-roller” while playing their preferred casino game must play VIP Roulette. In addition to a plethora of extra features that will suit the preferences of the discriminating player, VIP Roulette boasts an interface that is incredibly interactive.