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Frenzy Discs Twin Numbers Table Game

Frenzy Discs Twin Numbers Table Game
Frenzy Discs: Twin Numbers

Frenzy Discs Twin Numbers Table Game

Frenzy Discs Twin Numbers Table Game

Red Rake Gaming offers a roulette variant called Frenzy Disks (Twin Numbers). Each of the two concentric wheels has one ball and ten numerals. Depending on whether the balls land in the numbers that the player and the game each choose, the player will win. 

How to Play Frenzy Discs Twin Numbers

Guessing the numbers that the balls will land on for both wheels is the goal. 

Simply choose a number for the outer disc from 0 to 9, then click the spin button in the lower right corner to begin. The game’s female voice will also prompt the player to select a number. 

The balls will start spinning after the game automatically chooses a number for the inner wheel. Players can see the wheel when they stop, but the winning numbers are illuminated on the number selection boxes. If there is a win, it will appear in the upper “win” box and in a box close to the wheels. For a victory, there is also applause. 

Players have the option of using the same number or a different one for each spin. The same number will be utilised each time they activate the auto spin feature, which allows up to 100 auto spins. 

The latest number is listed on the left in the “latest numbers” area at the top of the screen. On the other hand, the “hot and cold numbers” portion computes a large number of spins and displays the numbers that have hit most frequently in red and the ones that have hit least frequently in blue.

The Rules of Frenzy Discs Twin Numbers

  1. Two roulette wheels in the game are concentrically arranged. Each wheel has the digits 0 through 9.
  2. The player must choose one number for the outer disc after placing their wager.

3.    One number will be chosen at random for the inner disc in the game.

       4.   Two balls are released in the game—one for the inner disc and the other for the outer disc.

       5.    According to the pay table below, the player succeeds if at least one ball lands in the selected number.

Here are the potential payouts. Wins shown are awarded based on “for one.” 

Pay Table of Frenzy Discs Twin Numbers

Event Pays
Both discs win with same number400
Both discs win with different number15
Outer Disc Wins3
Inner Disc Wins2

Summary of Each Roulette Variation

Red Rake Gaming is making available four variations of its distinctive 3D roulette game. With its clean visuals and vivid colours, this version of roulette resembles classic roulette more. Some reviewers claim that it is the most vibrant and crystal-clear online roulette they have ever experienced. 

One of the four possibilities is European Roulette, which features a realistic roulette wheel with 37 numbered pockets (numbers one through 36) in red and black in addition to the green zero. Up to five favourite bets can be loaded and saved by players. Also available will be statistics on hot and cold numbers. 

Similar to European roulette, American roulette has two greens: the zero and double zero. The game is similar to the European version in every other way. 

While French roulette is identical to the European version, single bets are allowed under “la partage.” The player gets back half of their wager if the ball lands in the zero pocket. 

VIP roulette has 36 numbers and one zero, similar to European roulette. The main distinction is that bets can grow exponentially. High rollers will like the chance to stake a large sum and succeed.