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Star Hunter by Fa Chai Gaming created a new trend of fishing games!

wetron FC Gaming Star Hunter

Last time, Wetron Gaming introduced the slot machine game – Lucky Fortunes developed by Asia’s top game developer Fa Chai Gaming, which was well received by many players. So, today Wetron Gaming will introduce another popular fishing game from Fa Chai Gaming – Star Hunter! Let’s see how awesome this game is!

Went outside the box of traditional fishing game

The fishing game – Star Hunter launched by FC Gaming in 2022 has an RTP of 96.5%. It attracted the attention of online casino players around the world as soon as it was released. Different from other traditional fishing games, in addition to transferring the theme scene of Star Hunter from the sea to the universe, the game screen is presented in 3D, providing players with a fresher shooting experience.

• Quickly switch reload modes to increase your winnings!

In the Star Hunter game, the development team has planned two major features, the evolution feature, and the betting feature. The former is that the player will have the opportunity to trigger the evolution function when they hit the mechanical shark, and the odds can be multiplied by 2-10X; the latter is that players can use the extra bet function to play the game with 1.5 of the original bet for each bullet, and there is a chance to trigger to get extra rewards.

• Grab special weapons and win the 3000X super prize instantly!

FC Gaming has tailored many special weapons for Star Hunter, including Lion gun, Bear gun, Whale gun, Gauss gun, Plasma cannon, and many more. In particular, players can get additional free bullets 38 and 48 when they bet on the Gauss gun. Then, you can get 38, 48, and 58 rounds of free bullets. Now, join us to explore the great secret treasure hidden in the vast universe with Star Hunter!

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