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The Million 88 slot game

The Million 88 slot game

The Million 88 slot game

Red Rake Gaming released the Million 88 slot machine in 2021. It seems distinctive since it uses traditional fruit machine icons but is played on a huge grid. Although there is no progressive jackpot, engaging features like free spins, multipliers, and a collect feature give you the opportunity to accumulate significant winnings. Check out our Million 88 slot review to learn more about the game’s potentially one million winning combinations. 

Extensive Game Features

The 10×6 grid on which you play the Million 88 slot machine gives you 60 spaces to fill with symbols, however many of them are empty when you first start playing. Bombs that detonate on the screen aid in your victory by raising the possible winning combinations to a maximum of one million. To accomplish this, they substitute symbols for any empty spaces. The number of paylines varies according to the amount of icons displayed on the screen at any given time, and all winnings are paid from left to right. 

When X symbols appear, multipliers are activated, and to play a minigame, you must collect coins. If you acquire three or more horseshoe symbols, free spins are awarded. Regarding the wad of cash, it’s a unique symbol that enables you to use the collect feature. 

Theme & Graphics

The Million 88 slot feels like a contemporary take on a throwback slot because to its crisp, clean design and traditional fruit machine icons, which is a look that works extremely well. The reels rotate easily, and all of the graphics are well-drawn. Little in the way of animations or anything unusual is present. However, it probably makes sense to keep the gameplay straightforward considering the size of the playing field. This game has a nostalgic flavour that is accentuated by the soundtrack, yet it also has a polished appearance.

How to Play Million 88

By selecting your stake size prior to spinning the reels on this slot, you can get started. There are no signs that increasing your wager will increase your chances of winning, but it follows that any wins will be larger. There is no need to specify how many paylines to use because this is done automatically as you play. 

To activate the 777 mini-game, fill the bar next to the golden 7 sign. To win the value listed on the coins in this game, you must gather them. You gain 8 spins for obtaining 3 horseshoe scatters, and additional bonus games are awarded for finding more scatters. 

On the Million 88 online slot, there aren’t many modification possibilities. However, you can adjust the sound to your tastes by turning it on or off. 

Bonus Features

The Million 88 slot bonus enlarges the screen with new symbols. These include the cash sign, and you’ll need a few more of these to turn on the function that lets you win the cash values displayed on the money symbols. 

You get three spins in the previously described 777 mini-game, and each coin you land resets the number of spins. Additionally, it is where you can win one of the three predetermined jackpots—minor, grand, or major—in the Million 88 slot game. 


The Million 88 slot’s RTP of 95.3% indicates that players may expect a respectable payout from this game. Although the level of volatility hasn’t been confirmed, our experience has shown that it is, in this regard, medium to high. The primary paytable awards are rather modest, but the other features can enable you to accumulate larger wins. The 777 mini-jackpots game’s are the only ones and are not progressive.