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Slot machines and mahjong combined to create a new spark – PG SOFT™’s popular slot game!

wetron mahjong ways 2

Slot machines and mahjong combined to create a new spark – PG SOFT™’s popular slot game!

Part of the fascination with slot games is the variety of themes that appeal to players of all genders, age groups, and interests. PG SOFT™ sees the high popularity of Mahjong games around the world, and launched a Mahjong-themed slot game to satisfy players who love both. Let’s see what makes this game so awesome, shall we?

• Experience the fun of mahjong in the slot game

PG SOFT™ knows exactly what players are after. Their game development team launched Mahjong Ways with the theme of the well-known Chinese board game Mahjong. This 5×4 slot machine has an RTP of 96.92% and provides a maximum jackpot of 25,000 times. Undoubtedly, this slot machine incorporates the familiar mahjong elements, such as: Zhong Fa Bai, Tong Zi, Tiao Zi, and Lottery.

• Introducing Mahjong Ways 2!

Mahjong Ways has been loved by many players, PG SOFT™ has made persistent efforts to launch Mahjong Ways 2, presenting a great gift to all players who love mahjong and slot games! This slot machine is also 5×4, RTP96.95%, and the highest winning rate is an astonishing 100,000 times! It is also worth mention that in the Mahjong Ways 2 game, the golden mahjong symbols play an important role, adding more exciting experience to the game!

• Industry-leading game developers

Founded in 2015, PG SOFT™ has launched more than a hundred original slot machine games and supports more than 23 languages ​​and 100 currencies. Players can experience the most impressive and gorgeous slot games on desktops and mobile phones anytime, anywhere! 

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