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Play European Roulette table game like a Pro

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Play European Roulette table game like a Pro

The first step in playing roulette is picking a variation. There are three main versions of this classic table game: European, American, and French. Beginners would do better to play the European version due to the straightforward rules and low house edge. Don’t worry if you’re just getting started; this European roulette guide contains all the details you want.

Table Layout

Before you begin playing, have a glance at the game table because it has all of the information you require. The wheel and numbers (which represent the different betting options) are located at each end of the roulette table in the European version of the game. The wheel has 37 numbers, one of which is 0. The key difference between this variation and American roulette is that the latter contains 38 numbers in total. Any of these digits are open for wagering. Additionally, you can wager on a range of numbers, a colour (red or black), and whether the outcome will be an odd or even number. 

Put your chips on the result you want to wager on. For instance, you can stake however many chips you wish on the number “23”. The payouts are set in accordance with the varying winning chances that each betting option offers. For instance, wagering on a single number pays 35:1 as there is a 2.7% chance that this outcome would occur. 

Inside and outside bets are the two main divisions of roulette betting possibilities. The locations of the numbers on the table determine this distinction, but what counts to you are your odds of winning. The general rule is straightforward: Inside bets have big payouts but low winning odds. On the other hand, outside bets pay little but have a larger possibility of success. So, if you don’t feel very lucky, it’s best to employ outside bets; let’s continue with them. 

Outside Bets in Roulette

In European roulette, there are a total of four of these wagers, and their payouts are restricted to 2:1 – 1:1. This is because you have a good probability of winning them. Outside bets on roulette are:

• Dozen/Column: You wager on 12 different numbers in total (e.g., the first 12). There is a 3:1 payout and a 32.40% probability of winning. 

• Red/Black: You wager on the colour of the outcome. There is a 1:1 payout and a 48.60% probability of winning.

• Odd/Even: You wager on whether the outcome will be an even digit or an odd digit. There is a 1:1 payout and a 48.60% probability of winning.

• Low/High: You choose 18 numbers total to wager on (e.g., the first 18). There is a 1:1 payout and a 48.60% probability of winning.

Although the last three bet types have a larger likelihood of success, you can also try the dozen/column bet if you’re feeling daring. Because the chances of winning inside bets are so slim, outside wagers are frequently the best choice, even for seasoned gamblers. You only have a 16.22% chance of winning, for instance, if you place a Line bet on a total of 6 numbers. The best course of action is therefore to try your luck with outside bets. 

Other Tips

Try to employ a bankroll management system as well. Simply put, these strategies enable you to spend your money more wisely and, for instance, avoid blowing all of it on a single wager. The system that divides your budget into units is the simplest to utilise. Let’s imagine you have 100 units of currency, for instance: It can be split into ten parts, each of which can be used for a different wager. By doing this, you merely acquire a bankroll that enables you to spread your risks as widely as possible and play ten times. You must make your own decision as to whether to change the amount of units. Finally, keep in mind that you are playing for entertainment purposes, and don’t be afraid to stop if it is no longer pleasant.