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Little Green Money Online Slot

Little Green Money

Little Green Money Online Slot

The extraterrestrial theme is one that has been thoroughly overdone in the realm of online slots over the years. The same dull platitudes are repeated over and over to little fanfare from the general populace. Having said that, it appears that change is afoot as Little Green Money attempts to inject new life into an old concept. 

Sorting out the Little Green Monsters

When you play Little Green Money, you won’t receive a mind control ray that will enable you to rule the world. To avoid the cliché, you will have access to one of the best casino control systems ever created in this place. This user interface is located at the bottom of the display. You can see two rows for this interface there, one for the top row of the game and one for the bottom row of controls. You’ll discover coin/info, spins, max lines, max line bet, gamble, total bet, bet max, total win, and total bet from left to right. In order to increase or decrease the bet, press “-” or “+.” 

Little Green Money goes to great lengths to maintain a straightforward and simple playing experience, so all you will need to win big is this. 

Colourful Background

Little Green Money fits in with the typical Habanero offers because it is a 5-reel, 25-payline slot. With this casino slot, you’ll discover that you’ll always be in the loop about everything that happens. The reason is that the game uses color to highlight all paylines on the screen, showing both successful and unsuccessful paylines. Little Green Money is the game that it is because of these minor details and features. 

Shooting Through the Night Sky

Thank goodness Little Green Money has a wild symbol, the UFO. A cow will be kidnapped by the UFO when it appears on a winning payline, and it will then enlarge to fill the entire reel. By doing this, you’ll be able to make the most of the 25 paylines at your disposal. Two bonuses in addition to that will also provide you free spins. 

The game will grant you five free spins if you can land three or more crop circles on the reels. Your earnings will all be multiplied by two throughout these spins. Throughout this feature, the UFO will also cover one reel at all times. He will initially begin on the fifth reel and with each spin travel to the left. This will increase the likelihood of winning significant sums of money. 

Eight free spins are yours if you manage to land three planet symbols or more. Since all winnings are quadrupled throughout these free spins round, the stakes are significantly higher in this case. If you keep landing three or more planet symbols, this function can be activated repeatedly, making the pleasure virtually endless. 

Our Verdict

Little Green Money is a cute little slot machine with a charming cartoonish aesthetic. The funny characters in this game manage to make you smile, which is something that not many slots can achieve. Make sure to give Little Green Money a try if you’re looking for an online slot experience that is a little bit unique.