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Carnival Cash slot game

Carnival Cash

Carnival Cash slot game

Prepare to watch a performance unlike any other, featuring one-of-a-kind artists and other oddities that will both blow your mind and fill your wallet. The realm of the circus and freak shows, where individuals with unique talents would congregate to perform and astound the audience, served as the inspiration for the video slot game Carnival Cash. You could win large if you know how to take advantage of the developers’ many talented people and their extraordinary skills. 

Let the Carnival Begin

Playing Carnival Cash is a really simple process. Do not be alarmed by the command bar’s numerous buttons; the core gameplay is actually quite traditional. 

You can place bets on the 25 paylines and 5 spinning reels in the game grid. Three symbol places can fit on each reel, and winning real money requires matching up numerous distinct symbol combinations on paylines that have been turned on. The symbols in the combination and the amount of your initial stake will determine your prize. Check out the command bar below the reels and click the (+) and (-) buttons to alter your bet settings. The next spin can be tailored by changing the coin size, the number of paylines that are active, and the amount of your stake. 

The next two choices are the standard bet max shortcut to place all of your bets at once and the autospin mode to activate the autopilot and place bets on multiple consecutive spins. Additionally, you can choose to try to double all of your profits by engaging in a mini-game of optional gambling following each successful spin. You can win the random progressive jackpot in Carnival Cash with each spin. 

Meet the Characters

Carnival Cash’s paytable consists of a roster of circus artists who are anxious to start the performance so they can shine in the audience’s eyes and put some more cash in your pocket. 

The strong man, the lion, and the cunning monkey are the most frequent reel symbols. These combinations won’t allow you to win more than 100 coins, but if you can get more than one at once, you can compensate for their low worth. 

The most valuable and scarce icons in Carnival Cash are the horse, bearded woman, gypsy caravan, and colourful balloons. You might earn a whopping 1000 coins if five balloons appear on a payline, which is the maximum possible win. Don’t let these symbols go by without noticing them. 

Take over the show

The last two symbols on the reels of the Carnival Cash slot machine are unique and provide players who are fortunate enough to see them on their gaming screen more than just cash payouts. 

The game’s wild card is the elephant emblem. The gorgeous animal can be used in place of any of the previously mentioned symbols to increase your chances of winning on the reels. Elephant combos have the highest payouts in the game, earning up to 2,500 coins. 

A scatter emblem, the ringmaster oversees the smooth operation of the event. A superspin is initiated when three or more ringmasters land in any location on the screen. In order to increase your chances of landing a large win, wild elephants may frequently show up stacked to fill whole reels all at once. 


The focus of Carnival Cash is on creative gameplay and entertaining characters. The incentives offered are more than adequate, and the gameplay allows you to freely customise your bets. However, the supplementary features are fairly constrained. A traditional free spins bonus round might have been more effective, while the superspin is a wonderful addition.