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Simple Strategy for Bai Buu Card Game

Bai Buu

Simple Strategy for Bai Buu Card Game

A well-liked casino game in Vietnam and Cambodia is called Bai Buu. Although its precise Vietnamese ancestry is uncertain, it is assumed to have been developed after card games were first introduced to Vietnam as a well-liked form of gambling entertainment. With the exception of the Joker, its card calculating formula likewise borrows from the Western card ranking system.

Bai Buu is also often known as “4 Cards Poker”. This well-known Vietnamese card game is played using a conventional 52-card deck. It is also referred to as “4 Cards Poker” since the rules are extremely similar to those of the Chinese Poker game. This game has 2 sides: Banker and Players. Players will compare their card values to those of the banker to determine wins and losses after dealing four cards to each side. 

The Rules of Bai Buu

  1. The card deck used to play this casino game is a conventional 52-card deck.
  2. The dealer divides the deck into seven stacks, each containing four cards.
  3. The dealer will shake the dice and will allow each player a chance to do the same.
  4. The house card and the location of the deal’s opening are determined by the sum of the three dice.
  5. The dealer gives each player a stack of cards.
  6. The player divides the deck into a High Hand and Low Hand, each of which has two cards.
  7. After that, the dealer lays out a High Hand and a Low Hand using the house card.
  8. To identify the winning hand, the dealer reveals each player’s cards.
  9. The House always prevails if the High Hand and Low Hand are dealt wrongly.

Hand Ranking

  1. Natural :
  • Straight Flush, 
  • Four of a Kind, 
  • Flush, 
  • Straight, 
  • Three of a Kind.
  1. Pair
  2. 2 Faces
  3. A + 9
  4. Score



Players will automatically win if they possess one of these sorts, regardless of the banker’s hands.

3 and 4 points

When both the Banker and the Player have 3 or 4 point values, this happens. In such a case, Banker will always win the related hand (Low hand or High hand only).

Resolving Ties

The highest card rank with the higher suit rank will prevail when the final results of both the Banker and Player’s hands are equal. 

Final Thoughts

Although card games are very fun to play but they can be addictive too.  In order to gamble responsibly, you must do it for pure enjoyment. Setting limits for yourself, taking breaks, avoiding using gambling as a source of income, and only gambling with money you can afford to lose are all examples of responsible gambling (both with time and money). Setting limitations is actually simpler when done online because many gambling websites have facilities built in that let users set limits directly on the website.