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PlayStar goes beyond your expectations of fishing games, come and try Fishing in Thailand! 

wetron Fishing in Thailand

For the longest time, fishing games have been loved by Asian players, whether in China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, or Malaysia, they all have the support of a large fan base. In this article, Wetron Gaming will introduce to readers a fishing game full of oriental elements – Fishing in Thailand launched by PlayStar! Let’s greet each other “Sawatdee Krab”!

• Special vertical game interface

Compared with other common fishing games on the market, the biggest difference of this Fishing in Thailand launched by PlayStar is that it has an upright game screen, which brings players a completely different fishing game experience. Not only that but with the joystick focus function, it is convenient for players to aim at the fish species they want to shoot. What’s more, the glittering and gorgeous graphic, fish species added with Thai style enhance the visual entertainment effect!

• Intelligent fishing system precisely targets prey

In Fishing in Thailand, there is a smart fishing function. Players can set fish species with different magnifications, automatically aim at red envelopes, automatically use machine guns, automatically start slot machines or classic automatic shooting. This not only improves shooting efficiency, but also greatly improves the player earning chances!

• Up to 2,000 times the jackpot

When players capture Red Envelope, Lucky Slot, and Giant Whale in Fishing in Thailand, they can also trigger other special mini-games and get extra rewards. Additionally, other things worth mentioning are special weapons such as Fortune Bazooka and Super Bazooka, which can bring fishing efficiency to twice the result with half the effort!

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