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Playtech pursues the ultimate experience of live casino games – SicBo Deluxe

wetron Sic Bo Deluxe

Playtech pursues the ultimate experience of live casino games – SicBo Deluxe

As the largest live casino provider in Asia and Europe, Playtech uses the latest data-driven technology to enhance the platform’s gaming experience. It delivers industry-leading fastest streaming speeds and high-definition quality through state-of-the-art camera setups. And SicBo Deluxe, a live casino game created by Playtech, will definitely exceed your imagination and expectations!

• SicBo Deluxe from our studio in Riga, Latvia

In February 2017, Playtech spent huge sums of money to build the largest live casino studio on the surface in Riga, the capital of Latvia. SicBo Deluxe is one of the breathtaking live casino studios, which covers an area of ​​8,500 square meters and accommodates hundreds of gaming tables and gaming areas required for Playtech live casino games.

• SicBo Deluxe provides high multiplier bonuses that make gamblers excited

SicBo Deluxe is an enhanced version of the traditional Asian dice game. When players join the game, they can bet on the results of 3 dice with chips, including: Small or Big, Total, Single, Double, Triple, Any Triple, and Combination. It is worth mentioning that SicBo Deluxe offers multipliers up to 1,000x.

• Where can I try this game for free?

In 2020, after Playtech launched SicBo Deluxe, it immediately became popular among players in major online casinos. The exquisite game screen and stable connection quality have greatly improved the gaming experience. Now, you can search for the most famous online casinos in South Asia, such as Baji Live Cricket, JeetBuzz, and Six6s, to experience the extraordinary charm of SicBo Deluxe.