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Evo Games presents to players all over the world India’s most exciting card game – Super Andar Bahar!

Evolution Gaming, established in 2006, has become the leading live dealer casino game developer in the industry after more than ten years of hard work. As an industry leader, Evo Games maintains a high standard for its games, constantly discovers games with potential, and launches its own online version. As their Super Andar Bahar launched in 2022, more players will know this popular card game from India!

• Indian super popular game – Andar Bahar

The Super Andar Bahar product launched by Evo Games upgrades the well-known Indian traditional card game – Andar Bahar to online so that it is available to players without time and space constraints. In a studio full of Indian architectural decoration, dealers wearing traditional Indian costumes attract players from all over the world. Come and experience the most authentic Indian card game!

• The gameplay is simple, even a beginner can get started quickly!

One of the reasons why Super Andar Bahar quickly swept the world is that its gameplay is very simple. However, it can also bring players an intense way of excitement. In this game, in the beginning, a card will be dealt to the Joker area, and then cards will be dealt in the Andar and Bahar areas in turn, until a card with the same points as the Joker area appears, the game ends for settlement. Therefore, players have two betting options, one is to bet chips on Andar or Bahar to predict which area the game will end in; the other method is to predict at what stage the game will end in how many cards are turned out.

• Super high multiplier bonus that makes players go crazy!

Super Andar Bahar offers 10 side bets. Each round of side bets will randomly apply a multiplier of 1-5, and players have a chance to win up to 4,000 times the bonus!