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If you want to win 25,000 times the prize, try the slot machine game launched by PG SOFT™ on your mobile phone – Wild Bandito!

wetron wild bandito

Many experienced slot machine players have noticed that PG SOFT™, a brand that is good at online slot machine game development, not only has customer support in 103 countries around the world, but has launched up to 107 original slot machine games since 2015. It also ranks top position among the global online casinos and has established a huge influence! Today, Wetron Gaming would like to share with readers a very classic work of PG SOFT™ – Wild Bandito!

• Mexican-inspired slot games

Wild Bandito is a game with a strong Mexican theme. The story is about a bandit organization named Águila that haunts the Mexican border. A bounty is on offer, and life or death will bring Águila to justice. So players, have your Spins, and hunt down bandits disguised as touring mariachi bands to the tunes of guitars and Vihuela!

• Don’t you want the 25,000 times jackpot?

Wild Bandito is a 5×4 slot machine game with an RTP of 96.73% and 1,024 ways to win. Of course, the most exciting thing for players is the huge bonus of up to 25,000 times. It is worth mentioning that one of the game features of Wild Bandito is the incremental bonus multiplier and the golden frame symbol on the progressive axis, which will allow players to continuously accumulate bonus numbers during free spins!

• Slot developer for smartphones

The slot machine games launched by PG SOFT™ focus on the development of mobile versions, so players will find that they have launched a large number of vertical slot machine games, and Wild Bandito is one of them. In addition, PG SOFT™’s slot game fully supports iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, and HTML5, and supports up to 23 languages. You have no reason not to download it to your mobile phone, and try to win 25,000 times the prize together!

Click here if you want to experience the charm of the Wild Bandito by PG SOFT™!