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If you want to try the most classic fishing game, please don’t miss Happy Fishing launched by JILIBET!

wetron Happy Fishing

There are so many fishing games on the market. Have no idea how to choose a suitable fishing game? Fret not! Wetron Gaming shares with readers several selection points, including three indicators: game evaluation, player return rate and game features. Today, we recommend a fishing game – Happy Fishing! It is launched by the well-known game developer – JILIBET. Let’s see why we recommend it!

·       Experienced players give Happy Fishing great reviews

Happy Fishing can be said to be a very classic fishing game. The background of the game is a sea with different rewarding fish pools. In addition to the basic clownfish, angelfish, jellyfish, lionfish, sea turtles, octopus, lobster and other fish species, there are also Including starfish, bomb crabs, borer crabs and other special fish species. Players can get special props if you successfully catch them. The exquisite picture and sound effects have won unanimous praise from many experienced players.

     •    Happy Fishing special game features

JILIBET’s game development team designed a special weapon for Happy Fishing – the torpedo. Players can spend 6 times the bet amount to launch the torpedo to increase the probability of killing fish. With this special weapon, it provides an unprecedented sense of excitement and accomplishment that cannot be found in other fishing games.

     •   Crazy jackpots from Happy Fishing

In Happy Fishing, there is a blue shark with 60-120 times the reward. When this appears, the special background sound effect makes the adrenaline of gamers soar rapidly. Furthermore, there is a gem turtle with a maximum reward of 560 times, and the extremely exciting big devil-MEGA octopus, as long as you successfully kill it, you can get a reward of up to 950 times.

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