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Monkey King Fishing Game

Monkey King Fishing Game
Monkey King Fishing

Monkey King Fishing Game

Follow Monkey King to vanquish foes and get lavish rewards! It’s fascinating to play this fish-shooting game. It also includes the two positions of Monkey King and Sea Dragon King in addition to the common fish. Players can also add up how many shots they have taken. The payout increases the more strikes you make! 

Features of Monkey King Fishing

1.   The player receives 40 free shots right away after being captured.

2.  The likelihood of capture may rise when a fish:15x 1.

3.  When a fish: 15x! (include) has a chance to randomly receive a multiplier of 2x to 5x.

4.  Player receives a 25x multiplier when using free bullets and free bullets are caught. 

The reward for taking out the turrets is the number of free bullets. The number of turrets in use cannot be altered, and they are not retained after exit. If the game disconnects and you still have any free rounds left, each round will increase your wager by 4x. 

E-ball bomb

1.   Following the E-capture Ball’s (10x). The fish that the E-Ball has caught counts toward the player’s score.

2.   Shocks the fish on the screen at random. 

Monkey King

Every participant can cooperate to win the Monkey King prize when the Monkey King comes on the screen. Prior to the Monkey King’s departure, players can win 100x to 300x bonus. 

Dragon King

A Dragon Ball Plate will show up when the Dragon King appears on the screen. The prize boost will increase as more Dragon Balls are gathered. Up until his departure, players can still obtain the Dragon King award.

Free treasure chest rewards

1.   When the player fires, add up the energy value and start the action automatically after it exceeds the maximum Treasure chest reward.

2.   The charge bar is unaffected when the player changes the bet size.

3.   When the charge bar is full, the winning score is determined using the wager amount. 

Treasure chest reward

You will play a treasure chest reward game after capturing the treasure chest. The player has 10 seconds to decide which game to play. There is a possibility that shooting the fish will result in a treasure chest reward. The Player has a chance to choose from 5 options. The maximum award is 1000 times. 


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