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Incan Adventure online game

Incan Adventure online game
Incan Adventure

Incan Adventure online game

In Incan Adventure, get ready to delve deeper and unravel the mysteries of the old Inca Empire ruin! One of the most inventive and distinctive games offered by Lottomart Games is this one. There are no reels nor paylines. Rather than being an online slot, Incan Adventure is more like an action-packed arcade game. 

Incan Adventure Online Game Overview

Incan Adventure quickly distinguishes itself from other online slot machines because it lacks reels and paylines. The driller character descends below in pursuit of gold in the game, which was created by Microgaming and Gacha Studios. The goal is to hit one of the items in each game round as you drill through the blocks below, rather than hitting symbols like on a regular slot machine. 

Due to its vast range of betting options, Incan Adventure fits with any budget. The smallest wager starts at just $0.20 each spin and may reach a maximum of $50. Be mindful of the game’s extreme volatility; as a result, wins might not occur as frequently as you might expect, but they might be on average more lucrative. 

The visual style and overall idea of the game were influenced by the well-known video game series Mr. Driller. As you continue to drill through the blocks in quest of the gems and jewels that are hidden beneath, the bright and charming graphics and the upbeat soundtrack complement the action! 

Highlights of the Game

• Distinctive Gameplay – Incan Adventure is the game for you if you’re looking for something a little different from the typical online slot formula. It’s a completely distinctive game experience.

• Lucrative Bonus Round – You have a chance to win the 2880x main reward if you can access the slot’s bonus round.

• Excellent Interface – Incan Adventure’s design is undeniably popular because of its catchy music and endearing images.

Get Started with Incan Adventure

It’s crucial to understand the fundamental principles of Incan Adventure before playing because it differs drastically from traditional slots. Your battery and the type of drill are the two items you will see at the top of the screen. When there is battery left, which decreases by 1% with each additional wager, you can only continue digging underground. As soon as the battery is completely depleted, the game ends. 

The game starts with the standard Normal Drill. You will receive a 1x multiplier if you use this to remove just one block. This tool will change into the Super Drill once the gauge is filled by gathering things from Regular and Trap blocks. Using this to get over specific blocks can get you a statue item or a 3x multiplier. 

Regular and Trap blocks can supply batteries to extend your game in addition to boosting the Super Drill gauge, providing cash payments, and offering statues. 

In order to breach the Gold and Diamond blocks, many bets are necessary. These come in sizes 1×1, 2×2, and 3×3, with the largest sizes offering the biggest wins. Additionally, many bets are required to break power blocks. By doing this, 10 Regular, Trap, or Wall blocks are destroyed, resulting in the creation of a 1×1 Gold block. 

Statue Bonus Round

You are taken to the bonus round of Incan Adventure if you manage to collect 5 Statues during the main game. There are 7 different stages in this additional feature. You must dig through the blocks at each level without placing any wagers in order to get the key that will unlock the following level. This keeps on until you either succeed in finding a key or finish all seven levels. The bonus round’s prize keeps increasing the further you get in. You can receive a 2880x multiplier on your initial stake if you succeed in finishing level 7! 


You shouldn’t pass up a game with payouts up to 2880 times your initial wager. So, if you play Incan Adventure for real money, you have the chance to earn a lavish sum of 288,000 coins. Even if the goal of Incan Adventure is to gain money, many beginner players would prefer the Incan Adventure no-download slot machine.