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Fishing Yilufa Online Fish Table Game

Fishing Yilufa Online Fish Table Game
Fishing YiLuFa

Fishing Yilufa Online Fish Table Game

Fishing Yilufa is a brand-new online fish table game with gameplay that is comparable to other lucrative fish shooting games. But with the benefit of lots of free features. Along with the equipment, which includes numerous high-value things, the Fishing Yilufa game is popular among many players. 

How to play Fishing Yilufa online fish table

You must first select the entrance to enter the game Fishing Yilufa for Money. You can select one of three doors, ranging in difficulty from easy to challenging. The next step is to make a deposit and place a wager on the door you just chose. 

You point the gun squarely at the fish you wish to shoot as you approach the game table. Fish typically swim in schools and according to their species. To conserve more bullets, pick a school of fish that swims in great numbers. 

Small fish readily consume bullets, while large fish consume numerous bullets, according to the shooting fish guidelines. In order to prevent running out of ammunition, you should hold off on shooting for the large fish as soon as you sit down at the table. 

Especially in this game, which gives a sizable bonus despite not requiring you to kill unicorns. That is, you are not required to ultimately aim for the Dancing Lion. As a result, you do not need to gather ammo while playing. 

The Game Rules of Fishing Yilufa

Each bullet the player fires in this multiplayer fishing game will rely on the cannon’s orientation.

The bullet will bounce off the edge of the gaming interface until it strikes a fish, at which point the game’s conclusion is decided. 

There are a maximum of 10 bullets available to each player. Different bets may be made for each bullet. The bullets that have been fired will not alter if the cannon is adjusted. 

Awards in Fishing Yilufa

Fortune YiluFa will be triggered and provide you five click opportunities if you manage to catch it in the game. The blue YiluFa, green YiluFa, and red YiluFa will randomly appear when you click the yellow YiluFa on the screen. 

There is a good probability that Good Luck Arrive will betray each time the game is done, and you can gain one to three additional clicks. 

Fortune Yilufa online fish table

Golden Wheel of Wealth

To activate the golden wheel of wealth, you must catch it during the game. For a chance to win a wheel upgrade or surprise expansion, choose 1 text spot.

Rewards from the Golden Wheel of Wealth come in multiples of 18X, 28X, 58X, and 88X.

Wheel upgrade:  In the event that the player selects this slot, the prize multiplier will subsequently be enhanced.

Lucky Double: Multiplier boost increased to 36X, 56X, 116X, and 176X.

Dancing Lion

You can make a bet of 100X to 300X and a chance to win a Fortune Arrives item in the game if you catch the Dancing Lion.

Fortune Arrives

You will have a chance to obtain goods if you manage to capture Ultra bazooka or Lion Jump in the game.

When you obtain it, you are given Fortune Arires’ firing state, which increases the amount of ammunition you consume up until it runs out of fuel.

HeadiSuper Bazookang

You can get 5x the bet, 50x the ammo for free, and a chance to win an item in the game if you capture the Ultra bazooka. 


Fishing Yilufa is simple to play and offers fantastic rewards. Both the target lock and the autopilot features can be used without charge. You can also use the game’s free trial feature. Anytime and anywhere you choose, you can join the practise.