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Cai Shen Fishing Game

Cai Shen Fishing Game
Cai Shen Fishing

Cai Shen Fishing Game

Cai Shen Fishing is a straightforward game with a variety of stake levels that is appropriate for individuals who are new to betting. The player needs to comprehend the feature and be proficient with using bullets if they want to succeed and effortlessly kill the large fish. Additionally, developing expertise in shooting fish is crucial because it increases players’ chances of getting cash. 

How To Play Cai Shen Fishing Slot

In the multiplayer fishing game Cai Shen Fishing, the direction of the cannon will determine the trajectory of each bullet that the player shoots. The outcome of the game is decided once the bullet bounces off the edge of the game interface and hits any fish. There are a maximum of 10 bullets available to each player. A different bet may be placed on each bullet. The bullets that have been fired will not alter if the cannon is adjusted. 

As soon as the game’s UI loads, fishing players select bullets. In addition to aiming at objectives, players can add a variety of different elements to increase their chances of winning. Every species of fish has a varied worth, therefore players should keep in mind that the more fish you shoot down, the more cash you receive. Players can withdraw their winnings to their accounts after the game is over and exchange them for real money, scratch cards, or game cards. 

Tips & Strategy Cai Shen Fishing

Players must acquire game strategies from the pros if they hope to succeed, in addition to knowing the game’s rules and having powerful weaponry. 

Mustache strategy

This strategy is the most popular since it is incredibly efficient and precise. In order to succeed, the player must shoot numerous little fish with one bullet apiece. The player will kill the enormous fish that have been struck by previous players’ guns if they keep playing in this manner. 

Shoot fish in groups

If they follow each group of approximately 10 fish, players should use level 2 bullets and shot constantly at the fish three to five times. The player then earns a sizable sum of cash from the little fish that were slain. But only skilled fish hunters who can shoot correctly and precisely should use this approach. It’s important for players to keep in mind that ammunition costs actual money. 

Shoot the big fish at the right time

Numerous people employ this approach because of how appealing the outcome is. Strong gamblers should employ this strategy because large fish demand powerful weapons and lots of ammunition. 

Cai Shen Fishing Function Description

Caishen Fa Fa Fa

By capturing Caishen Fa Fa Fa symbols or shooting fish with each bullet while playing, players have the option to earn extra rewards. Enjoy your opportunity to win 2X to 1000X with the red envelope lottery. 

Wheel Of Fortune

The special game will be launched when players take control of the Wheel of Fortune. Choose a location where you can try your luck for a chance to win 40X to 200X. 

Caishen Coming

When Cai Shen comes, participants cooperate to receive a fortuitous bonus. You can receive the opportunity to win 100X to 300X. 

Special Weapon – Wheel Of Fortune

The player can receive between 20 and 100 free bullets for each activation after receiving the first 10 shots. The mechanism is unarmed for the first 999 times. Weapons cannot be used if they are frozen. 

Special Weapon – Mega Drill

After earning the first 10X shots, every player is eligible for a free Mega Drill shot. If the player opts for the fish that shoot along the trail, their chances of winning are significantly higher (except for the Mega Drill and the Fortune Bazooka). When frozen, Mega Drill is unavailable. 


Who’s up for playing an action-packed fishing game online? Online fishing game Cai Shen Fishing transports you to the ocean’s depths. You’ll find cutting-edge graphics in this game, including many intricate animated icons. A large background image with lots of details is also available.