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PlayStar makes the fishing game evolve again, Ocean King’s Treasure breaks the traditional rules!

wetron Ocean King Treasure

If you like the excitement and big prizes of fishing games, then PlayStar will not let you down. Maybe many people know the PlayStar brand because of online slot games, but their fishing games are quite popular too! Ocean King’s Treasure is one of their innovative fishing games designed to satisfy players!

• PlayStar’s fishing machine game that breaks the rules of traditional games

Ocean King’s Treasure is a fishing game launched by PlayStar in July 2021. This classic game takes ocean navigation design as the theme which can bring players a fresh gaming experience.

• A variety of special rewards, crazy big prizes!

In the Ocean King’s Treasure game, when the player successfully captures the lucky slot machine, the four-axis scroll wheel has the opportunity to give out a huge bonus of up to 3,000 times. On the other hand, when the magic shell is captured, the thousand-fold bonus will randomly fall from the sky. This is when the player can compete with other players for big prizes.

• Thoughtful functions help you win big with half the effort!

The function of Ocean King’s Treasure that has been well received by players is the intelligent fishing system, which can automatically catch fish at high odds. What’s worth mentioning is that Neptune who appears randomly can help players win 300 times the bet!

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