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JDB’s most classic fishing game – DRAGON MASTER

wetron Dragon Master JDB

JDB’s most classic fishing game – DRAGON MASTER

There are a lot of fishing machine games on the market, but experienced players know that the fishing machine games produced by JDB are different from other brands, it is especially fun and addictive! What’s more, the high rewards it provides are the main reason why players are really crazy about it! Now, let’s introduce one of JDB’s most classic fishing machine games – DRAGON MASTER!

• Brand new dinosaur theme

Released in 2020, DRAGON MASTER is a dinosaur-themed fishing machine game launched by JDB. It invites players to go back in time to hunt Tyrannosaurus Rex and win 100-300 times rewards through precise shooting.

• Special weapons, random access to get free red envelopes

In this DRAGON MASTER game, players can randomly get red envelopes as rewards and have the highest chance to win rewards up to 3600 times. Not only that, as long as you successfully hunt the bounty dinosaur, you can win up to 300 times the dragon hunting bonus. In particular, as long as the special weapons Boomerang and Explosive are activated, the speed and accuracy of hunting dinosaurs can be improved.

• Hunt for golden dragon eggs for endless prizes

In addition to hunting bounty dinosaurs, in DRAGON MASTER, players have the opportunity to win rewards up to 500 times by successfully hunting golden dragon eggs. In addition, as long as you catch the supreme dragon, you can also trigger a continuous 1500 times combo. Having said all that, why don’t you come and witness the new benchmark of fishing machine games yourself?