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Fishing veterans love to play this game – Fishing YiLuFa launched by JDB!

wetron fishing yilufa

Wetron Gaming once introduced two fishing games from JDBFishing Disco and Dragon Master. Although both are fishing games, they cleverly use different themes to create a completely different experience for players. Players are intrigued by them, and more importantly, the super big prize adds to the excitement! This article will introduce to readers another JDB fishing masterpiece – Fishing YiLuFa!

• Strong traditional Chinese culture

In 2020, JDB launched this fishing game with a festive theme that incorporates traditional Chinese culture. The graphic includes the red and gold color design full of festive components to the use of lion dance images and lantern elements in traditional Chinese culture. Each player can play and experience the joy and blessing of the Chinese New Year anytime. Now, every day is suitable for fishing and winning big prizes! As the name of the game reveals, YiLuFa represents the meaning in Chinese, which means smooth sailing and getting rich every day!

• A special lion dance is coming, catch it and win big prizes!

In Fishing YiLuFa, in addition to common fish that can be caught, there are also special fish species such as mermaid (100×) and lion dance (100×~300×), giving players more chances to win big prizes. Furthermore, if the thunderbolt cannon pattern is successfully captured, the player can not only get 5 × bet points but also get 50 free bullets at the same time. In particular, when you successfully capture the “Fu” pattern, you can get up to 700 times the bonus. On the other hand, when you successfully capture the “Fa” character, the maximum reward can reach 2,000 times, and you have the opportunity to get Wheel Upgrade and Mystery Expansion rewards!

• Equipped with special weapons, the jackpot is twice the result with half the effort!

The Fishing YiLuFa game development team also designed special weapons, such as Frost Cannon and Super Frost Cannon. Players will have the opportunity to win huge prizes, and receive the function of improving the capture rate and slowing down the target, but each launch will cost 6 times the stake.

Click here if you want to experience the charm of the Fishing YiLuFa by JDB!