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FA CHAI Gaming’s LUCKY FORTUNES presents you with a lot of prizes!

wetron Lucky Fortunes

Wetron Gaming would like to introduce to all readers FA CHAI Gaming, one of the most well-known slot machine game developers in Asia. As a pioneer in the Asian market, the game products they launched have won the hearts of every gambler. Among these popular games, including the LUCKY FORTUNES with the highest bonus of up to 1000X is to be introduced today!

• FC Gaming is good at including traditional Chinese elements

The LUCKY FORTUNES launched by FC Gaming in 2002 is based on the image of the God of Wealth in Chinese belief. It also uses traditional festive elements such as money-biting toads, auspicious double carps, lucky firecrackers, and treasure bags as symbols.

• Classic 243 Way slot game

LUCKY FORTUNES is presented in 3×5 with an RTP of 96.50%. Same as today’s mainstream slot machine games, it also has its own unique bonus game. Players can unlock more bonuses as long as they increase the betting amount. When the graphic “發” (pronouns as “fa”) appears, the bonus game will be randomly triggered, and three identical prizes will be drawn to win the prize.

• Two Unique features in Lucky Fortunes

In LUCKY FORTUNES, when the player triggers the feature selection, they can choose between free games or LUCKY FORTUNES. In the free game, each spin opportunity has a chance to trigger a full jackpot of 1,000 times until the end of the game; the latter means that during the spinning process, there is an opportunity to get additional free spins, and when the conditions are met, you can get an additional full jackpot.