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Evo Games launches the first dice football game in the world – Football Studio Dice!

If you are a loyal reader of Wetron Gaming, you must be familiar with Evolution Gaming, a brand known for launching high-quality live casino games. In fact, we’ve featured Deal or No Deal Live and Super Andar Bahar, two super hit games in the past, both of which resonated with professional gamers. In this article, we will introduce the first-ever dice football game in the world – Football Studio Dice!

• Evolution Gaming constantly goes beyond players’ expectations

The most commendable thing about Evolution Gaming is that they are not only able to grasp the preferences of players, but also create classics from popular trends. This Football Studio Dice is based on the highly popular live casino game Football Studio. Combined with the elements of the Bac Bo dice game, it increases the excitement and freshness of Football Studio Dice!

• Football Studio Dice is quick and easy to play

A successful game can not only satisfy the love of one group of people. Football Studio Dice not only attracts the attention of football lovers, but also gives players who like dice games a new choice. Although it is the same as Football Studio, it uses 4 dice instead of cards in the game to create a completely different game concept. The football team’s home and away scores are composed of the sum of 2 dices shaken in 4 separate shakers.

• Comparable to the first and second halves of a real football match

In the studio of Football Studio Dice, a full sports atmosphere is created, allowing players to feel the speed and passion of sports events through the screen. Just like a real football game, Football Studio Dice also has a concept similar to the first half and the second half. When the dice on the upper half of the table are rolled out first, the result can be changed instantly after the second half of the dice is rolled out. It is worth mentioning that this game provides amazing odds, allowing players to enjoy the thrill of winning a lot of money!