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Evo Games launched a new level of live casino games – Deal or No Deal Live!

wetron deal or no deal

Have you heard of the live casino game DEAL OR NO DEAL LIVE? It is a joint venture between Evolution Gaming and Dutch media company Endemol Shine, which combines TV game shows with 24-hour non-stop casino games. Now, let us take a look at this ground-breaking game – what is so great about it?

• Multi-level live games with unlimited players online

Evolution Gaming has created DEAL OR NO DEAL LIVE for players around the world who adore live casino games. There is no limit to the number of online participants, and the unique bonus multiplier allows players to get more excitement. Since it came out on TV in December 2002, it has quickly gained popularity and interest globally. Now that Evolution Gaming has included it in the product list of live casino games, how can it not be exciting?

• Classic gameplay – even beginners can get started quickly!

The game rules are the same as you and I are familiar with. Players of DEAL OR NO DEAL LIVE only need to predict whether the amount of cash in the briefcase will be higher than the banker’s bid and decide whether to DEAL or NO DEAL to pass each stage of the game.

• Challenge your mind and win crazy bonuses

In DEAL OR NO DEAL LIVE, featuring the same immersive gameplay and beautiful animations as the TV show, players will have the chance to win up to 500 times the huge bonus offered.