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Allstar Heroes Video Game Review

Allstar Heroes Video Game Review
AllStar Heroes

Allstar Heroes Video Game Review

In China, Allstar Heroes was first released as Soul Clash back in February of that year. In Taiwan, it is also referred to as DOTA Legends. It was made by Lilith Games, has had fantastic success, and frequently appears towards the top of the revenue lists. 

The game is now being released in the West for the first time by Lilith Games under the new moniker Allstar Heroes. In order to manage the game, they also established a new publisher called Allstar Games. 

Before we begin, it is important to note that some players may find the game to be fairly familiar. A US studio that is accused of cloning the game and Lilith Games are currently engaged in a copyright dispute. 

Mobile MOBA game Allstar Heroes is categorised as such. It all revolves around gathering heroes, putting together the finest squad you can, and then sending them into battle. The game begins with a brief tutorial that can be challenging until you figure it out. You meet your first hero, The Captain, a pirate, in the tutorial. He serves as a melee tank-style character and is made to be in the lead during combat. 

This online game is available for free to play, and after logging in, you are shown what looks like a map but is actually the menu. You can choose from a range of sites, each offering a distinct activity, here. There is a great variety available, but most of it is locked at the outset. 

The campaign mode should be your initial trip. Here, you must navigate a map modelled after Candy Crush. Your journey is depicted on each map as a sequence of pit stops along the way, with each map representing a chapter of the campaign. These are actually battles, and in order to move further, you must win each one individually. 

When you tap the next battle, a brief description of the adversaries you’ll be up against and potential loot drops are displayed. You must assemble a team from among your available heroes to face the enemy. 

Every battle consists of three waves. You get to witness your heroes battle each wave as the action truly happens automatically. The game pits your team’s and heroes’ stats against those of your adversaries. You have a better chance of winning if your team is stronger. 

Each of your heroes has a particular bar during combat that fills up as they engage in combat. A special bar can then be unleashed whenever you like after it’s filled. You can do this by tapping the hero’s picture. You can even decide to have the game perform your specials if you’d prefer. 

The strategy component of the game is used when picking your team and using special abilities. For instance, employing a healing special is useless while your squad is fully healthy, but if used at the right moment, it can completely change the course of a battle. The last adversary of a wave that is nearly dead is not the time to use a special attack that delivers a lot of damage. 

Heroes lose health in combat and are unable to be employed again until the next one. If you want to receive the full three star prize at the end of a combat, keeping them alive is also crucial. 

While a complete battle might end in as little as 20 seconds, most linger for one to two minutes. There is a chance that loot will drop as foes are defeated, and you can pick it up by tapping on it. You can also access a more challenging version of the campaign after finishing the first two chapters. 

As you play, your heroes will level up and acquire experience. You also spend a lot of time managing your heroes. As long as you have skill points available, which gradually regenerate, gold can be used to increase your skills. 

Heroes who can use them can be given the armour and weapons that spawn. When a hero acquires a full set of equipment, you can promote them, which increases their stats. Promotion boosts their stats and enables you to start gathering more potent gear. During conflicts, reagents can also drop, and they can be utilised to manufacture equipment for your heroes. 

Allstar Heroes is already shaping up to be a terrific game, even in its preview form. It’s incredibly enjoyable and quite addictive. We have discovered that we may lose hours at a time to it, but if you only have a few minutes, it’s great for a short gaming fix.