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Thai Fish Prawn Crab dice game

Thai Fish Prawn Crab

Thai Fish Prawn Crab dice game

A dice game called Thai Fish Prawn Crab first appeared in southern China. Then it spread gradually throughout Southeast Asia, being adjusted to fit various different territories, such as Vietnam and Thailand. To differentiate it from the typical Thai fishbowl, it is called Thai Fish Prawn Crab. 

A basic set of dice and a betting table are all that are needed for the game of Thai Fish Prawn Crab. The six faces of the dice are substituted with the following six mascots instead of the standard round dots: tiger, gourd, fish, crab, chicken, and shrimp. 

The result of the game is represented by these symbols. Because of this, many people frequently refer to this game as “Tiger Crab Crab” to refer to 4/6 of the aforementioned characters. 

The P2P game is popular because it offers a wide range of wagers and a high likelihood of winning. With the evolving social climate, the creators have released the online shuffling game Thai Fish Prawn Crab, enabling players to avoid visiting casinos. Players can play the entertaining game around-the-clock on any device with an Internet connection as long as they register to do so through their mobile device, computer, or tablet.

How to Play Thai Fish Prawn Crab

The deck of cards used in the game Thai Fish Prawn Crab is as follows: 

  • Three dice with the 6 characters

The dices are set up in these positions:

  • Fish opposite Chicken
  • Crab opposite Tiger
  • Shrimp opposite Gourd

One bowl and one plate are included in the set. Three dice are placed inside; the dealer shakes the shocks to generate random results. 

Betting table: 

Put the following characters in the six cells, left to right and top to bottom: Crab, Fish, Gourd, Tiger, Chicken, and Shrimp. Each box represents a different character.

The Rules of Thai Fish Prawn Crab 

  • Using the shaker kit, the dealer vigorously shakes three dice. To keep the three dice in place after shaking, set lightly on the table. Players won’t be able to predict which dice will show up because the results will be kept a secret. Make sure the game is honest and transparent. 
  • In order to put bets within the dealer’s allotted time, players must make a random guess as to which mascot image will show up when the dice are rolled.
  • There are numerous options for placing bets. The payment ratio will be proportionate to how challenging the forecast is (the harder, the higher the reward).
  • The dealer opens the dice at the conclusion of the betting period. The player will be rewarded in accordance with the specified ratio if the outcome is as predicted. If not, the player loses and forfeits their wager.
  • The next round of the game will begin following each one.

Overall, this game’s rules are quite similar to the Vietnamese Crabs Shrimps and Fish.

Final Thoughts

At this point, stopping the game when it is profitable is crucial. Discipline and money management are relevant here,  since the majority of gamers constantly hope to benefit more. However, the key strategy is to quit before a loss happens; otherwise, you risk suffering a significant capital loss in addition to losing all of your winnings.