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Bingo Dice online game

Bingo Dice online game

Bingo Dice online game

Join the largest bingo community in the world to play traditional bingo, a city-building game with endless rewards, and daily live tournaments online. You may compete against players from all over the world while having a tonne of fun playing a City Builder game in addition to an online bingo game! 

Game Features

  • Construct buildings to create cities and acquire treasure chests. 
  • Free daily tournament entries can earn larger jackpots. 
  • Real-time multiplayer allows you to play at once with a huge number of participants!
  • Ten fun power-ups that improve your chances of winning.
  • Win big by playing up to four bingo cards in one game. 
  • Spin the Fortune wheel for free to increase your rewards.
  • Stunning visuals with 100 levels and 30 distinct cities, with tonnes of Bonus material! 
  • Defeat your friends and family to the top of the leaderboard! 

Face Paced Gameplay

You can play bingo dice quickly and quickly, and you’ll be sure to have a tonne of FUN and the BEST EXPERIENCE! It’s a really entertaining time-killer to play while waiting in lines, travelling to work by train, bus, or carpool, or whenever you have free time. To demonstrate your superiority, you can also compete against your pals. 

City Builder

Using the Collection Items you get from playing bingo, construct buildings in each City to advance through the game. Every city offers a different selection of products. You receive Treasure Boxes as a reward for completing a city, and these boxes include great items like in-game money, daubers, avatars, and frames. 

Exclusive Daily Tournaments

The daily bingo competition is a best-of-five bingo game. The leaderboard will be at the top if a player has the most points. Competition players have real-time access to their rivals’ scores. Power-ups are in-game items that players can employ to increase their chances of winning. Everyday, those with the highest scores will win the grand prizes. 

Power Ups and Boosts

In the Bingo Dice game, there are 10 power-ups and 4 boosters. Power-ups strategically increase winning chances, but deploying the proper power-up at the right time might completely change the course of the game. On the other side, boosts are similar to in-game helpmates. Players can utilise a variety of boosters to simplify and streamline their gaming. 

Wheel of Fortune and Daily Bonus

Give yourself a massive burst of rewards every day. Visit this location to claim your daily bonus of tokens and in-game money. Wait! Along with the daily bonus, players also receive a free spin of the Fortune Wheel, which they may use to unlock enormous riches. 

Final Thoughts

Bingo Dice is only available online. For the game to work, your device needs to be connected to the internet. The target market for the game is adults. The option to gamble with real money or to win real money or prizes is not provided by the game. Success in social casino games or practise does not guarantee future success in real money gambling.