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Pai Kang Card Game

Pai Kang

Pai Kang Card Game

A deck of 52 cards is used in the well-liked Thai card game known as Pai Kang. A maximum of 5 people are allowed to participate in each game, and each player is handed 5 cards. A player may draw a card and then discard one or more cards of the same rank. Players may use the Lai action to discard card(s) without drawing from the deck if they have the same rank card(s) as the card(s) discarded by the player before them. To conclude the round, a player may utilise the Kang action. The round is won by the player with the lowest hand value. 

Rules of Pai Kang

  1. Five cards will be dealt to each player. 
  2. The game round is over if a player has a special card in their hand. The player is paid, and a new round of the game begins. (Use Special Cards as a guide.)
  3. The player may select to draw, play Lai, or play Kang on each turn.
  4. Until Kang is called or a player clears their hand, the game round proceeds. After Kang, the winner is the player with the fewest points in hand.
  5. If the middle deck is entirely exhausted, all players’ cards will be revealed, and the player with the lowest point will win.
  6. Only when a player has 29 points or fewer may they Kang.
DrawDiscard 1 to 4 cards after choosing a card from the deck.
Lai (means Thunder)Without drawing, a player may discard one or more cards that have the same number as the previous player’s discard(s). Up until a different card is discarded, the next player may repeatedly discard the same card in a chain reaction.
KangDisplay every player’s card. If the player known as Kang has the lowest point, he or she wins and is paid out by all other players.If not, the player loses and must pay extra to all other players (refer to Payout Section). After Kang, the round will end.

Additional Rules

Players place an x1 wager, and an additional 9x wager is deducted as insurance from the wagering account (total 10x). After the game round, any leftover money will be returned.


All winners will have a 3% commission taken out of their winnings.



The first player to become chained will receive payment for each additional “Lai” chain. Example:

  1. Ace is discarded by player 1.
  2. Player 2 “Lai” by tossing another Ace, and Player 1 receives 0.5 times their wager.
  3. Player 3 “Lai” by tossing down another Ace as well and takes 0.5 times the stake from Player 1.


Even if other players have the same point as the guy with the last name Kang, the one with the lowest point will win. 

Knock (K.O)

If a player draws a card that permits them to discard all they have on hand, they win three times as much as the other players.

For instance, if you have two 9s on hand and draw another 9 to make three 9s, you can discard all of them to win the game. 

Resolving Ties

Only one player will be designated as having the lowest point and obtain the bonus multiplier (2x or 3x) when two or more players win with identical points.


A single 52-card deck is used in the popular table game of Pai Kang. To win, a player must call “Kang” with the lowest score on his or her hand or be the first player to empty their hand.