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Oasis Poker card game

Oasis Poker

Oasis Poker card game

One of the most played and well-known casino games is probably poker. Players must be aware about the game in order to create a plan that will give them an advantage. Poker is the most competitive table game since players compete with each other rather than the house. 

Oasis Poker is a type of Caribbean Stud Poker, a game in which the house, as opposed to other players, is the opponent. Due to this, Oasis Poker is a little less intensely competitive and calls for players to use their best judgement and strategy without considering the hands of other players. 

Oasis Poker follows the same rules as Caribbean Stud, with the exception that the player can pay a fee to switch cards prior to making a raise/fold decision. Although it might not be the most well-liked poker variation worldwide, it is most frequently played in Eastern Europe, Northern Africa, and online casinos.

How to Play Oasis Poker

Oasis Poker is played with a progressive jackpot, which means that there is no clear winner and the jackpot grows over time. Players are required to set their ante on the designated area of the playing surface at the beginning of each hand. Players also have the choice to add a bonus side bet, which contributes to the progressive jackpot, but all wagers must be placed before the dealer says “no more bets.”

Each player and dealer receive five cards. With the exception of one card, which the dealer will reveal, all cards are dealt face down. The player can then inspect his or her personal cards once the dealer pushes the cards in their direction. To prevent them from getting an unfair advantage, players are not permitted to disclose information about the cards they are holding while playing against the house with other players at the same table. 

At this moment, Oasis Poker and Caribbean Poker diverge. Now, players have the option of exchanging one card from their hand for the following card in the 52-card deck. Players are required to pay a fee equivalent to the ante wager in order to do this. The payment is not transferable. Players can switch additional cards, but the cost to switch rises as more cards are moved. These are the costs associated with trading cards: Five cards is one times the ante, two cards is two times the ante, three cards is three times the ante, four cards is two times the ante, and so forth. The player is required to raise if they decide to switch all five cards.

Following that, players might choose to play or fold. If a player folds, they lose their cards, the ante bet, and the side bet. If a player decides to play, they must raise by making a bet equal to double the ante. The dealer will now reveal the last four cards they have. The dealer’s hand must have both an ace and a king, or form a pair, or be any other higher-ranked poker hand, in order for them to play.

Starting with the person furthest to his right, the dealer will compare his five-card hand to the other players at the table. The player will receive even money on their ante bet and the raise will push if the dealer is not eligible. The raise bet and the ante are won by any player who defeats the dealer’s qualified hand. Both of these wagers are lost if they lose. The ante and raise will push if the player and dealer are tied. Based on the poker value of the player’s initial hand, the bonus bet is won. 


The key to Oasis Poker strategy is understanding when to hold or switch your cards. There is no need for players to worry about anyone’s hand other than their own and the dealer’s because they are playing against the house. Because players must consider a number of card combinations in order to decide whether or not to switch a card, developing a successful strategy for Oasis Poker can be very challenging.