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Jacks or Better 5 Hand Video Poker

Jacks or Better 5 Hand Video Poker
Jacks or Better 5 Hand

Jacks or Better 5 Hand Video Poker

Only pairs of jacks or higher value cards qualify as winning hands in the Jacks of Better video poker game. As a result, there are fewer wins than if you were compensated for every pair, but the wins are larger. One of the most popular online video poker variations is Jacks or Better, and you can play this game for free right now. 

Some of the more renowned providers added the 5-hand Jacks or Better variation to the game to increase its potential and provide a fresh dimension to the well-known Jacks or Better video poker gameplay. Jacks or Better 5-hand variations can be found on casino websites powered by Betsoft and NetEnt, among other software providers. A wonderful jewel for fans of video poker, the instant-play game is exciting and rewarding, delivering more than the standard version. 

How to Play Jacks or Better 5-Hand

The player can only win when they have a pair of Jacks or a high value card because the game is based on the regular Jacks or Better format. Going through more hands more quickly is crucial in the 5-hand format. Less wins but ones with greater value can be anticipated. So you can play 5 hands at once when playing 5-Hand Jacks or Better. 

The player selects a coin size and the quantity of coins to bet before beginning the video draw poker game. The player will next be given five cards face-up. All cards that the player intends to hold or keep must be marked. Then, click Deal once again after selecting the ones you want to keep. 

Your five-card poker hand will be replenished by the software using a brand-new 52-card deck. The winning hands will next have their ranks and related awards determined by comparing your cards to the paytable. 

Jacks or Better, Two Pair, Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Four of a Kind, Straight Flush, and Royal Flush are the possible winning ranks. This is also the order of payout values; a Jacks or Better hand will net you the lowest payout, and a Royal Flush will net you the highest. 

The game also gives players the option to wager on a card’s turn’s reward. If you’re lucky, this gamble feature will double your winnings; if not, you’ll lose them if you don’t select a higher card than the one dealt face-up in the mini-game. You can never lose it by selecting Collect and adding the victory to your total. Up to four times can be wagered using the function. 


It makes no difference how you place your bets! Larger bets will produce larger swings, but the payouts always stay constant in relation to the size of the bet you are placing. The likelihood of forming various poker hands is the same regardless of how much you wager. Although placing larger bets won’t change the odds, they can raise your short-term financial variance.