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Jacks or Better 100 Hand Video Poker

Jacks or Better 100 Hand Video Poker
Jacks or Better 100 Hand

Jacks or Better 100 Hand Video Poker

Since it has been creating top-notch real money casino games for a while, Microgaming is regarded as one of the leaders in the online gambling sector. The company has chosen to kick things up a notch and level the playing field by giving you the chance to experience fantastic multi-hand video poker games like 100 Hand Jacks or Better. This decision was made in response to the popularity of poker and video poker games at reputable online casinos.  

With the added thrill of being able to play 100 hands at once, 100 Hand Jacks or Better manages to give all the thrill and enjoyment of a 100 Hand Jacks or Better video poker game! Due to the quickness, intensity, and rewards this variation may provide, serious poker players are especially happy with it. 

How to Play 100 Hand Jacks or Better

Simply multiply this by 100 to play 100 Hand Jacks or Better in the exact same way you would if there was only one hand available. A 52-card deck of playing cards will be used for each hand you are dealt, and there will be just one dealer to contend with in each game. You have numerous chances to win because there are so many hands being played, and you may quickly increase your bankroll at an online casino once you start! 

New Changes Keep the Gameplay Interesting 

Better than 100 Hand Jacks may seem a little overwhelming, so keep in mind that Microgaming has provided an Auto Hold game option if this is the case for you. The pace of the game will be substantially accelerated, and it will also go a long way toward guaranteeing your victory. This will enable the game’s software to identify the finest cards for each of your 100 hands. This game is undoubtedly what you need if you’re looking for some fast-paced thrills. 

RTP and Payouts

The highest paying hand in 100 Hand Jacks or Better is a Royal Flush, and payouts for these hands are exactly the same as they would be in a regular game. If you are successful in completing this hand, you will be rewarded with 4,000 coins up to 100 times! This implies that you are taking the opportunity to potentially win as many as 400 000 coins in a single round of play, which, depending on your wager amount at the time of this mean, may truly be a once-in-a-lifetime event. Make even more of your winnings by using the Double feature! 


If you’re a casual player trying to kill time at a casino, 100 Hand Jacks or Better is not the game for you. However, playing the game in this way might provide a considerably greater rush for serious video poker players who are familiar with strategy. And if you fit that description, playing this kind of game will greatly increase your chances of winning a large sum of money quickly.