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High Hand Hold’em Poker

High Hand Hold’em Poker 
High Hand Holdem Poker

High Hand Hold’em Poker 

High Hand Hold’em is a mobile-only variation of hold’em poker that has a special sidebet to encourage players to showdown with the dealer. The game has a quick-fire sidebet and bonus that pays out if the player’s hand value is three of a kind or better and was designed for portrait-mode action. High Hand, which combines a traditional table game with cutting-edge technology, was created to improve the experience for mobile poker players who are constantly on the go. 

Overview of High Hand Hold’em Poker

A year after OneTouch’s High Hand Hold’em poker game was released, it is demonstrating exactly how wise of an investment it was. 

It offers hours of entertainment as you attempt to outwit the dealer and hit that straight or flush on the river card by bringing the high stakes game of High Hand Poker right to your mobile or desktop device. 

Your strategy and understanding of the rules and variations will be crucial to make winning decisions, just like in any other good poker game. With a stake range of R1, R5, R25, R100, R500, and R1,000, the game is fluid and quick.  The regulations are standard High Hand Hold’em poker rules. The extra side bet where you can wager on getting a winning hand of three of a kind or greater is what really makes High Hand Hold’em stand out. 


Every card is visible thanks to the clear, vivid graphics. On a mobile device, the side bet table can seem a little hazy, but it helps to know your poker hands and that every win increases in size starting with three of a kind and higher.


With card and chip noises and a corny background music, the sound is quite simple and can get rather grating after a while. 


The side bet table is the major addition, as already indicated. On the side bet, you can wager any amount, and you win if your hand has three of a kind or more. 

The pay table for the side bets is:

3 of a kind – bet x3

Straight – bet x5

Flush – bet x7

Full House – bet x11

4 of a kind – bet x21

Straight Flush – bet x51

Royal Flush – bet x251

Our Verdict

We love a good poker game, and OneTouch has provided us with precisely that. This online casino distinguishes itself since it allows you to play a real game, unlike many others that only provide a small selection of video poker or simple virtual poker games. 

You frequently feel like you are playing against the dealer in addition to your own luck and decisions when side bets are included. Have you ever tried to fool yourself?

High Hand Hold’em Poker has pleased us, and we’ve been back to play it several times, which is always a sign of a fantastic game.

We wholeheartedly recommend High Hand Hold’em poker from OneTouch when your options for Live Dealer or land-based casino gaming are constrained or you just want to play a few fast hands of poker during some downtime.