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Football Studio First Person card game

First Person Football Studio

Football Studio First Person card game

Evolution, known for frequently introducing new releases to the hypnotic catalogue, is launching a slew of new releases in 2020. The customised version of the traditional Football Studio or Top Card is one of them. 

Football Studio First Person, which is perfect for fans of football (soccer), will offer a unique playing experience to each participant. 

Additionally, the hybrid’s RNG power enables a switch to the game’s live mode in one of Evolution’s casino studios.

Football Studio First Person Introduction

Top Card, another name for Football Studio First Person, is a superb game from Evolution Gaming. It is an updated version of the 2016 card game Football Studio that went live in 2020. 

Another cutting-edge member will now have access to an even greater variety of captivating card games thanks to the newcomer. 

This casino game, which is RNG-driven and has a football theme, takes a unique approach. 

Football matches taking place at various times of the year, particularly around the World Cup, will take centre stage in the live chat area. The live casino game soon picks up in excitement, and participants start to get really involved. 

However, if you choose the First Person option, you can leave the bustling crowd and unwind by yourself. The relaxing effect of Football Studio First Person is its main advantage. 

Just like Live, But Better

You might wish to appreciate some peace and quiet after all the whistling and cheering in the football stadium. 

The first-person portion of Football Studio is set in a setting remarkably similar to that of the 2016 game. Tables are set out like a football field. On the animated backdrop, which also displays the most recent outcome, a trophy hovers. 

Everywhere you look, it’s all familiar. The quiet is new. You also don’t have to wait for somebody to start the game. You set the tempo. Since this is not a live dealer game, there is no croupier. You begin by selecting DEAL. 

You might eventually grow sick of spending all your time by yourself in the gorgeous studio. You can always switch to the live studio if that happens. 

Utilize the one-of-a-kind GO LIVE button to navigate Evolution’s digital portal and go live in a matter of seconds. 

How to Play Football Studio First Person

Football Studio and Dragon Tiger might be compared on a technical level. You can play both games in Evolution’s game library to make a comparison. We can perform the comparison and contrast analysis for you if you don’t have time. 

To begin with, be aware that playing both Dragon Tiger and Football Studio is really simple. You have three bets to choose from that are as simple as they come. 

The house edge for Home/Away is only about 3%.

If you want to go all out, wager on the Draw. Keep in mind, though. That scenario has a startling 32% house advantage!

The croupier pulls two cards from the shoe to start the game in both of the games. Two hands and a tie are two of the three betting options. The hands in Dragon Tiger are referred to as Dragon and Tiger. The names of the two hands in Football Studio are themed: Home & Away. The final type of wager is a Draw.

The follow-up card lands on the second hand (Away), while the opening card is placed in the first position (Home). It’s referred to as a Draw if both cards appear to have the same value. 

Ace has the lowest value while K is the highest paying royal. 

Always choose the card with the higher value. 

As you can see, Football Studio First Person doesn’t have any trump cards. For this game, no one approach is particularly advised. Just rely on your instincts. 

However, you can experiment with card-counting similar to that used in Blackjack. You can keep track of how many royals have been dealt with and what else is left to happen in this method. However, we advise only experienced players to count cards.

You could be curious as to what might be different about the two options. 

The First Person version is mainly focused on single players, as was already said. In the latter variant, players get to experience live gaming in a social, interactive setting. 

However, Evolution’s GO LIVE trademarked tool is how the two games are brought together. 

Football Studio First Person allows you to quickly transition into the actual game while playing a round. The live casino game, which has thousands of players playing simultaneously, is accessed by pressing just one button. 

When you select “GO LIVE,” a virtual doorway will take you to Evolution’s live casino studio. In other words, you may always switch to live gambling if you get tired of playing alone. 

Closing Thoughts 

You might want to play Football Studio First Person if you value solitude and privacy. There isn’t much to consider beforehand when there are only three straightforward bets: home, away, and draw. Just place a wager and watch what happens at random. 

Football Studio First Person is ideal for all types of bettors thanks to its high RTP of 96.27%. 

The football-themed song was also produced by Evolution to be easily adapted to smaller screens and displays. As a result, Football Studio is available in versions for tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers. And that applies to both the game’s RNG and live versions.