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First Person Golden Wealth Baccarat card game

First Person Golden Wealth Baccarat card game
First Person Golden Wealth Baccarat

First Person Golden Wealth Baccarat card game

The baccarat game offered by Evolution Gaming is First Person Golden Wealth Baccarat. Theoretically, 98.85% of the bet is returned to the player. An in-your-face version that takes place in the stunning red and gold Evolution Gaming studio. In the game, there are five unique gold cards that offer additional multipliers ranging from 2x to 8x. It is a really lovely and thrilling variation of baccarat! First Person Golden Wealth Baccarat is accessible on all platforms, including desktop and mobile. 

Online casino game Golden Wealth Baccarat by Evolution was made available in 2021. With a $1 minimum and $5,000 maximum bet, it boasts an RTP of 98.95%. The latest Evolution variation on the Baccarat principle is now playable on both desktop and mobile devices. Live dealer baccarat is a great “platform” for novel concepts because to its relative simplicity. Evolution has chosen to enhance the already thrilling baccarat variations to a whole new level.

How to Play

The Golden Wealth Baccarat game is fundamentally still a standard live baccarat game. The objective is to guess which of two card piles will result in a score that is closer to nine. The Player, Banker, and Tie bets are the three main options as usual. At the end of the round, the first two win if their scores are closer to 9, while a tie results in a winner. 

Each side is first dealt two cards. Cards ten and up count as 0, whereas cards one through nine have their face value. Only the last digit counts if the final score is a two-digit number. A score of 15, for instance, counts as 5. A natural win occurs when one of the two piles receives an 8 or 9, in which case it automatically wins. A side draws a third card if a pile’s score total is 0–5. The Banker only wins outright if they already have 8 or 9, in which case there is no exemption. This slight edge makes Banker somewhat more likely to prevail. This is why every Banker wager often has a 5% commission subtracted from it.

Every primary wager is subject to a 20% “Golden fee.” These costs are necessary to support the multipliers’ enormous winning potential. They enable the Golden Wealth Baccarat game to operate with unchanged odds and a high RTP.

Tips and Strategy

• Every strategy for playing Golden Wealth Baccarat is practically the same as for playing any other baccarat game. You won’t need to alter your standard strategies because the fundamental odds remain the same. 

• The Golden Cards’ multipliers add up in multiples. As a result, the combined reward for Banker and Player bets may be up to 512x! 

• Depending on which one you bet on, only the first three cards on Player or Banker contribute to your payoff. For instance, if you bet on the player, only the three cards on the player’s side would quadruple your winnings. 


This game’s multipliers can stack on top of one another, which can result in enormous wins. However, there is a 20% charge for each wager. The majority of live baccarat tables also charge a standard 5% commission on all Banker bets. Thank goodness, just the basic return is affected by this; the multiplied win is not. Additionally, tie bets have a lower initial payoff but can be multiplied by up to all 6 cards. Additionally, the Pair side bet is also subject to the Golden Wealth multipliers.