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Double Exposure Blackhand Multihand poker game

Double Exposure BlackJack Multihanddiv

Double Exposure Blackhand Multihand poker game

In Double Exposure Blackjack, both of the dealer’s cards are revealed at the time of the deal, leaving no room for speculation. 

Double Exposure uses 8 standard 52-card decks, which leaves the dealer exposed, but don’t assume it makes winning simple. Those bare cards come with various compensation and rule concessions. A “natural” blackjack (of the two-card kind) pays out at even money since it involves less guesswork. A Blackjack tie goes to the player, but all other ties belong to the dealer (and the Dealer never pushes). The dealer must hit a soft 17 in several of the Blackjack games. 

Doubling Down is only permitted when the original two-card total is 9, 10, or 11, according to European regulations. For a total of four pairs of cards, you can split the deck up to three times. Aces can be divided and re-split, but you can only get one more card before you have to stand. All 10-value cards are treated equally in Double Exposure Blackjack, allowing you to split 10-value cards if you’d like. No insurance or surrender is provided due to the Dealer’s hand’s complete exposure. There will be 1 to 500 credits worth of table bets.

Both a single-hand and a multi-hand version of Double Exposure are available, each with a unique set of tactics. The multi-hand version features five hands to play, making it a terrific opportunity to practise or just pound the table hard. 


To maintain the house edge, the game’s fundamental rules must be dramatically altered. The reward is one of Double Exposure’s most visible aspects. Blackjack typically pays 1:1, however in this case the payout is 2:1. With the exception of Blackjack, the dealer always prevails in ties, thus you must hit whenever the dealer’s first two cards total 20, and aim for the best possible hand. The game is quite thrilling and offers players a pleasant twist from the standard Blackjack variations. It could be a little more difficult to win in this game, but at least the player knows what they are up against as they are not left wondering what the dealer is hiding. This function lowers the surprises a player receives while playing, which is a wonderful approach to have fun. 

If you wish to play Double Exposure for real money, you must be familiar with the other Blackjack rules that also apply to this variation. You must realise that, in comparison to traditional Blackjack, the game drives players to score big hard totals, therefore they must be ready to break frequently.


If you are addicted to the standard Blackjack approach, double exposure is a fantastic Blackjack game to play. It is the ideal strategy for finding diversion. The aesthetics are on point and the game has been developed with the finest game in mind. The majority of the elements of this game are comparable to those of the traditional blackjack variation; the only distinction is that the dealer is first dealt two cards face up. Due to this, Double Exposure’s payoff is a little lower. The dealer’s cards are dealt face up in this blackjack game. Players now have access to more data to employ in their games as a result. Double Exposure, however, is not a game for beginners because there is more information to digest.