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Deuces Wild 100 Hand Video Poker

Deuces Wild 100 Hand Video Poker
Deuces Wild 100 Hand

Deuces Wild 100 Hand Video Poker

Full-pay The return on Deuces Wild might reach 100.76%. The fact that the player has an advantage over the house makes the game one of the few casino games that is incredibly popular. It’s true what you just read! You probably want to know how this works because a full-pay Deuces Wild game can give players a 0.76% advantage over the casino. In this manual, we’ll describe the ideal tactic that enables this. A high payout % machine should always be chosen, according to all video poker enthusiasts. To enhance the proportion of returns, players must also use the optimal strategy.

Microgaming has added 100 Hand Deuces Wild to their selection of video poker variants. This variation has drawn and maintained the interest of players from all around the world, ensuring that more individuals every day are taking advantage of the enjoyment and real money victories that video poker can provide. 

If you enjoy playing Deuces Wild Poker, you will absolutely love this new edition, which amps up the thrill with a variety of extra features. 

Part of the Power Poker Series

Due to the huge demand for video poker games, online casinos make it a point to provide gamers like you with a wide selection of them. The fact that 100 Hand Deuces Wild is a multi-hand game makes it unique from the numerous other variants of the game that are readily available and contributes to its popularity as part of Microgaming’s Power Poker series. 

What Sets These Games Apart?

As the name suggests, 100 Hand Deuces Wild lets you play up to 100 hands of Deuces Wild at once. Although this may sound overwhelming, you won’t find it to be so because of how simple and easy the software is to use. 

When playing 100 Hand Deuces Wild, the Auto Hold option is what keeps everything organised: as soon as the 100 hands are dealt, the game’s operating system will automatically hold the best cards for each. The game will then ask you if you wish to Hold these or Discard them, which greatly speeds up the action. 

A Great Game for Beginners

The video poker game 100 Hand Deuces Wild is the one for you if you’re looking for one that lets you understand the rules and strategies of these games as you play them. Although it may not initially appear to be so, the game is quite simple to master and to start winning at, and you still have control over all of the key gameplay features. 

The coin denominations can be modified, and totals of between 0.01 and 5 are offered for your convenience, so you can play this fast-paced game without having to deplete your online casino account. You may thus play all 100 hands for just one! However, keep in mind that your wager determines your wins, so work your way up to the highest amount as rapidly as you can. 


In this game, the Deuces are Wild, and the maximum payoff is 4 000 coins. That’s a great 400 000 jackpot just waiting to be won, thanks to the 100 Hands currently active!