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Deuces Wild 1 Hand

Deuces Wild 1 Hand

Deuces Wild 1 Hand

It takes a truly unique product to persuade players that there is more variation between video poker games than there actually is. Although Deuces Wild from Netent does manage to provide a little bit of a variation to the traditional game, it also gives players the option to play up to 25 hands at once. Since it was created by our favorite developer, it has the customary variety of visuals and high-quality design, and overall, its design is pretty similar to other video poker offerings. As was mentioned, compared to other possibilities in this area, it does give players a small extra benefit, and that’s where the deuce playing cards come into play. But that’s something we’ll cover later. 

The Graphics and Interface

Simply load the game and begin playing if you think Deuces Wild will appeal to you. When you do, the game’s emblem will appear at the upper left corner of the screen, and as is customary with Netent games of this type, the payoff multipliers will be shown down the left side. The five primary cards you are dealt are displayed at the bottom, while the numerous winning poker hands are displayed at the top. All of this information is presented on a background with a metallic appearance, which creates a visually inviting layout. 

The area where you can modify specific game elements can be found beneath the main interface. The number of hands you can play in a round is where we start. You can choose from a single hand, five hands, ten hands, or twenty-five hands in the “Hands” section. You can also change the bet level, which has a range of one to five. The coin value that can be altered, meantime, can range from a minimum of €0.01 to a maximum of €0.50. If you decide to set all of these choices to their maximum values, you’ll discover that a maximum total wager of €62.50 can be made for each game. Players can instantly reach this amount by clicking the ‘Max Bet’ button.

How to Play and the Winnings

You need to get your cards dealt after deciding on the wager you want to make. By hitting the central green button, the central five cards will be turned over, and any other card sets will then emerge behind them. The left-side menu will indicate winning combinations, and if this happens, the cards involved will be kept in their original positions. Additionally, you have the choice to hold extra cards according to your preferences. After that, you must click the central button a second time to replace any cards that were not held with newly dealt cards. In the event that further cards are used in a victory, your pay out will be shown, and you will then have the option of either collecting it or wagering it. 

Remember that the deuce cards have an additional benefit because they all function as wilds and can be substituted for any other card to complete a winning combination. 

You only need to push that button if you decide to bet your profits. You’ll then be directed to a different screen with five cards facing you. You only need to estimate the color of the upcoming card in this bonus round. Your prizes will be twice if you correctly predict the color. If your guess was correct, you can move on to the next card and the one after that, or you can choose to claim your prizes at any time.


A basic video poker game with an unique twist is available in Deuces Wild. Players may find it slightly more alluring because all cards marked with the number 2 are wilds, increasing your chances of making a winning combination. You’ll undoubtedly discover that this video poker provides a few more benefits when compared to the majority of other video pokers.