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Boom Legend Fishing Game

Boom Legend Fishing Game
Boom Legend

Boom Legend Fishing Game

Boom Legend is a JILI gaming online monster shooting game. The game will feature a similar gameplay mechanic to fish-shooting games, but instead of using fish, it will use monsters, keeping things fresh. The more you wager, the more probable it is that your bonus will be at the higher end of the bonus range when you defeat the BONUS monsters and win the prizes listed in the table. Maximum Bonus: 88,888. 

Boom Legend Fishing Game Features

Goblin Bomber

The Goblin Bomber will drop a bomb following your victory. Monsters within the explosion radius may be forced back when the bomb detonates. 


After you vanquish her, Medusa’s Eye will appear, paralysing and harming monsters around. 

Black Knight

Use Blade Aura to attack in the damage zone to dispatch the Dread Knight.

Special Weapons

Rocket Punch

The fist will fly up from where you are when you use it, piercing all foes in its area and forcing them back. 

Mystery Chest

To get either Mines or Rocket Punch, open a Mystery Box. 


The mine can be put anywhere on the map, and when it explodes, it will hurt enemies throughout a wide region. 


The 5X bet value is subtracted when using the axe to deliver a more potent attack on the specified monster. 


A hammer is thrown at the intended monster by using the Hammer, which subtracts 15X of the amount you stake. Lightning from the Hammer will occasionally strike nearby monsters on the battlefield. 

Lightning Spear

1. When shooting at monsters, you switch up your energy. You can activate lightning spear once the energy bar is full to do lightning damage to a sizable area in the centre of the screen.

2. The size of the wagers made in the game is correlated with the amount of energy earned. The energy bar will be empty after using Lightning Spear.

3. The energy metre is cleared if you quit the game or disconnect for longer than three minutes.

4. If the energy bar has been fully charged for more than three minutes, the Lightning Spear will automatically go off.


Monsters that you kill may come back to life as Dreadfreaks. Kill the Dreadfreaks to increase your probability of receiving even more goodies (max 2X odds). 

Bonus Cyclops

Attack for the most basic odds. You will receive 5X the standard odds if you defeat the Cyclops. By fighting the Cyclops, you can also get a treasure map. To receive a Golden Treasure Chest, gather 10 treasure maps. 

Golden Demons

If you kill a Golden Demon, you can get a Treasure Chest as a reward. You receive an extra 2X odds from silver treasure chests, and a further 6X odds from gold treasure chests. 

Bonus Demon

To win the reward money listed in the table, kill the crocodile. The likelihood that your bonus will be at the higher end of the bonus range increases with the size of your wager. 

Giant Octopus

1. Shooting Octopus Heads & Arms repeatedly will cause Rage Points to be awarded. A reward drawing will start once the Rage Bar is full.

2. You’ll get bigger reward draws if you shoot a furious octopus. 800X is the maximum multiplier. 


A brand-new category of fishing games called Boom Legend. Playing is simple, but winning is not! You should get ready for the adventure. Utilize cunning tactics to vanquish difficult foes, gather legendary rewards, and emerge as a hero!