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7 Handed European Blackjack

7 Handed Blackjack (European)

7 Handed European Blackjack

The Multihand European Blackjack game table is already established by Microgaming. As you compete for the enormous riches concealed in the game, the stakes are tremendous in this game. You will be on the edge of your seat as you wait for the winnings to come in because it is packed with incredible features and payouts. A table game with many playing areas, multihand European blackjack increases your chances of striking it rich. Click the deal button to start beating the dealer. 


You must use the command bar to set your preferred stake each time Multihand European Blackjack loads. Players can do this by clicking on one of the five positions on the game table that correspond to your preferred coin value in the command bar. You can play within your budget by setting your coin value between 1 and 5000. You must have a hand value in this game that is closer to or equal to 21 than the dealer’s hand. Your hand is busted and you lose the bet if it surpasses 21. You win if the dealer busts. Blackjack pays 3 to 2, the dealer must stand on all 17, and all other winnings are paid out at 1:1. When playing, you have the choice to gamble on insurance, giving you the chance to protect yourself in the event that the dealer receives a blackjack. Insurance will provide a 2:1 payout odd.


There are no paylines in Multihand European Blackjack; instead, the game uses win odds, which allow you several chances to win during each round of play. To win, you must get a hand that is close to or equal to 21. Blackjack should be avoided since it is the best hand in multi-hand European blackjack. A large payout odd of up to 3:2 is given for landing a blackjack. 


The deal button is the first button you’ll see in this game. You can deal the cards in the game with this button. A re-bet button is also available, allowing you to make the same wager as in the previous game round. This button will automate the betting process’s simplification in place of having to perform everything manually. The stand button, which prevents the dealer from dealing you another card if you are content with your hand, is one of the additional game components. You have the option to divide two identical cards using the split button. By selecting the x2 button while playing the game, you can also double your wager. This will add another card, but in order to keep playing, your total must not exceed 21.

Final Thoughts

Multihand European Blackjack is an intriguing base game, but there are no standout bonus elements that have been added to the game. This does not necessarily imply that the game will disappoint you, though, since it contains a number of gameplay aspects that will support you as you go.