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Fans can enter the RarioSuperFan contest to win free major event tickets in Australia

Fans can enter the RarioSuperFan contest to win free major event tickets in Australia

Rario, a digital collectables platform that allows enthusiastic cricket fans to own their favourite sporting moments in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), has launched a SuperFan contest. It is asking fans to share their favourite on-field memories in Australia in the comments section using the hashtag #RariOz.

The contest winners will have the opportunity to win tickets to some of the biggest cricketing events in the world, including the mega tournaments in Australia later this year from October 16 to November 13. To receive additional information, fans only need to register at Rario’s website and indicate their interest.

Ellyse Perry’s shot and expression after achieving a double century against arch-rivals England in the Ashes, and Steve Waugh’s remarkable boundary in the SCG Test in 2003, enabled him to tie Don Bradman’s record of 29 centuries, are two of the Australian cricketers’ most iconic scenes.

Rario has announced an official licencing agreement with Cricket Australia (CA) and the Australian Cricketers’ Association, which would make digital collectible cricket NFTs and play-to-earn virtual gaming available to more than one billion cricket fans around the world.

Additionally, with the method of eco-friendly blockchain technology, the multi-year exclusive CA/ACA relationship with Rario will foster a new kind of fan involvement while delivering cricket NFTs to fans. The relationship will assist the game’s growth as well as former and existing players by showcasing their significant accomplishments in NFT moments.

Rario, the inventors of the world’s first Cricket NFT platform, will now create an Australian cricket metaverse of collectibles and gaming. This is to assist Australian cricket supporters to understand, collect, and engaging with cricket NFTs. Previously, collectibles have only included still photographs, whereas NFTs can include fully licensed broadcast video to tell the entire tale of a sporting event.

Fans can now buy and trade exclusive digital trading cards and collectibles that highlight all of the memorable cricketing moments in full action. The goal of this partnership is to link over a billion cricket enthusiasts around the world with NFTs.