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Those who bet on Morocco have bought new houses? Where does France stand in the semi-finals?

Where does France stand in the semi-finals

Those who bet on Morocco have bought new houses? Where does France stand in the semi-finals?

Morocco has repeatedly shocked everyone, constantly written new pages in history, and proven many football experts wrong in this World Cup. Whether it was knocking out Spain in the round of 16, or even beating Portugal 1-0 in the round of 8, Morocco not only crushed Ronaldo’s dream of winning the championship but also advanced to the top 4 Arab national teams and wrote the best record of an African team. This team, known as the Atlas Lions, has also become the first team outside Europe and the United States to make it to the semi-finals after 2002. How difficult is it for them to defeat the defending champion France and advance to the championship?

On the other hand, France, which is seeking to defend its title, will meet England in the quarter-finals. As predicted before the game, the two teams with very similar strengths played a high-tension duel. In the 17th minute, Aurelien Tchouameni broke through the net first, helping France score first, but in the second half, Harry Kane seized a 12-yard penalty kick to tie the score. Until the 78th minute, Olivier Giroud, the team’s all-time goal scorer, played his value and scored with a header to lead the score again. In the end, France won 2-1, one step closer to defending the title. 

Morocco, known as the biggest dark horse in this World Cup, has been staging violent dramas constantly, causing fans all over the world to mourn. However, for sports game players, if they are lucky enough to bet all the way to support Morocco, they have probably made a lot of money by now. The semi-finals will stage a conflict. Players who have not made money before, do get on this wave, pick up your mobile phone and bet online to seize the opportunity to make a fortune.