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This number is astounding! Gambling caused economic losses of more than $1.2 billion in England!

Wetron england gambling problem

This number is astounding! Gambling caused economic losses of more than $1.2 billion in England!

As countries around the world have successively legalized the gaming industry, many countries have benefited from generous taxes and are able to implement more policies. But there are always two sides to everything, and water can carry a boat or overturn it. According to an official publication recently issued by the England government, gaming activities have caused economic losses in England – an astonishing figure of more than 1.28 billion U.S. dollar.

• Gambling activity causing harm to UK players

In 2018, Public Health England (PHE) conducted a survey on suggestions for changing gaming machines and social responsibility measures, and statistics found that 0.5% of adults in England had gaming problems and troubles, and 3.8% were exposed to the risk of gaming problems. In addition, 7% of the respondents said that they were negatively affected by others engaging in gambling.

• These 4 types of people are most vulnerable to gambling hazards

There is a comprehensive survey of people in England, Scotland, and Wales, and it is found that 4% of the people have been harmed to some extent by gambling activities. Not only that, but a 2020 report by YouGov, a British international online market research and data analysis company, claims that 13% of adults have encountered gambling problems. It is worth noting that people living in poverty-stricken areas, unemployed, with low life satisfaction and poor physical health, are identified as high-risk groups harmed by gaming.

• UK older gamblers are on the rise

The survey report shows that although the number of children and young people participating in gambling activities in England has declined, the number of older age groups has increased. Common harms associated with gambling include finances, relationships, physical and mental health, and employment and education.

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