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SiGMA Europe 2022 Malta event has a perfect ending


SiGMA Europe 2022 Malta event has a perfect ending

In November 2022, Malta brought together important figures from the global gaming entertainment industry. They have a common goal – to participate in SiGMA Europe 2022 held on this gaming island. As one of the most prestigious summits in the industry, during the three-day event from November 15th to 18th, top brands, industry giants, industry veterans, and technical experts brought several amazing talks and exchanges.

SiGMA, founded by Eman Pulis in 2014, was originally a local gathering of thousands of people. After rapid growth in recent years, it has developed into a grand event attended by more than ten thousand industry elites.  The scope of activities also spans from Malta in the Mediterranean Sea to every corner of the world, including: London, Manila, Cyprus, Chicago and the United Arab Emirates, all of which have their footprints.

If you missed SiGMA Europe 2022, that’s okay! Next, in the first half of 2023, SiGMA will soon hold summits in cities such as Nairobi in Kenya, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Sao Paulo in Brazil, and Manila in the Philippines to explore everything about the gaming industry from physical casinos to online casinos, and even the future development trend of encrypted games and the latest technological applications. You must not miss this!