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Gambling advertising of any kind will likely be banned in Romania by 2023

Gambling advertising of any kind will likely be banned in Romania by 2023

Gambling advertising of any kind will likely be banned in Romania by 2023

A few days ago, Consiliul Naţional al Audiovizualului (CNA), the sole regulator committee of the audiovisual industry in Romania, voted unanimously in favor of a draft law to be submitted by the end of 2022 that would ban casinos and sports betting platforms in the country from publishing and placing all forms of advertising, including television, radio, and billboards.

• Proposed by 79 Senators and Representatives

According to our understanding, the 79 representatives who initiated such a proposal came from different political parties. When seeking opinions and support from the CNA Committee, all CNA members present at the meeting expressed their support for the legislative project and actively promoted the prohibition of all forms of gaming advertisements in Romania.

• World Health Organization classifies gaming addiction as a serious mental illness

A large part of the reason why CNA supports the bill is that a report by the World Health Organization (WHO) clearly states that gaming addiction is an extremely serious mental illness. Not only that, there are frequent cases of Romanian people committing suicide due to gambling losses, as well as unemployment, family disharmony, and loss of custody of families with children due to gambling.

• Legislative project expected to pass in these few months

The CNA Commissioner noted that Bill 504/2002 will be fully drafted and approved by Parliament. At the same time, they strongly recommend to the Romanian government that all forms of gaming and sports betting should be completely prohibited through audiovisual commercial transmission.

• The emergence of ONJN has changed the ecology of Romania’s gaming market

Oficiul Național pentru Jocuri de Noroc (ONJN), established in 2013, is an official agency responsible for the authorization, control, and supervision of the Romanian gaming market. It began formal operations in the second half of 2015, bringing the entire gaming industry under management.

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