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Encrypted casino Roobet announced its partner, and it turned out to be this superstar rapper!

wetron snopp dogg and roobet

In the world of online casinos, don’t be surprised with unusual event that happens, because this industry is a place where people’s dreams come true! At the beginning of March 2023, Roobet, a well-known encrypted casino, dropped a shocking news in the industry. Roobet announced the establishment of a partnership with international rapper / superstar Snoop Dogg, and appointing him as Roobet chief Ganjaroo!

• Cross-border cooperation between showbiz and gaming circles

In order to create a more attractive entertainment world, Roobet, which was established in 2019, made another surprise move. It cooperated with Snoop Dogg, a representative of American West Coast rap music, and launched an in-depth cooperation with Raw Entertainment, the parent company of Roobet. It is planning to have more interesting activities to attract players to join the community.

• Roobet is a leader in driving the crypto casino industry

Roobet, born for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, is currently one of the top and legal encrypted casinos in the world. It not only provides more than 3,300 casino games, but also has full-featured sports betting and a variety of original IP games. Matt Duea, co-founder of Roobet, said of the cooperation that Snoop Dogg is a true visionary, and his joining makes the future of digital entertainment brighter than ever.

• From Metaverse, NFT to Web3, Snoop Dogg is always at the forefront of the times

Snoop Dogg and its cooperation with Roobet also represent the former entering the Web3 field and trying to break through the border of online casinos. Prior to this, Snoop Dogg has already embraced various innovative technologies, including metaverse and NFT, such as launching self-made NFT for the acquired record company, cooperating with several virtual currency companies, and even cooperating with metaverse MOBLAND to open up in the virtual world that belong to your own digital marijuana farm!