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Doesn’t it make you want to rush to the Brazilian online gaming market to dig some gold after reading this article?

wetron brazil betting industry

Although there is currently no regulatory entity for the online gaming industry in Brazil, more than 30 million online gaming accounts have been launched in recent years. This is undoubtedly exciting news for investors who want to enter the market. In Brazil, only two activities, which are horse racing, and the lottery, are currently controlled by the government. Therefore, the online gaming market that has not been included in the regulations is a huge potential market waiting to be developed!

• Brazil has millions of active online gamers

According to a research report, Brazilian players have the highest proportion of participating in online gaming activities. Among these active online players, 29% of them bet online 1-3 times a week. Furthermore, about 50% of players spend about $10 per month, while moderate players spend around $20. At the same time, interviewed players pointed out that the main reason for playing games is to make money, followed by entertainment and earning extra money. The most popular game is sports betting, followed by lottery games and online casinos.

• Covid-19 Pandemic drove Online Gaming Growth in Brazil

It is worth noting that 59% of the respondents in this report said that they only came into contact with online gaming during the Covid-19 epidemic. 63% said that they would pay attention to the advertisements of the gaming brands they are familiar with, and 54% of the respondents will have the willingness to learn new platforms because of advertisements from various websites. This also shows that if you want to promote an online gaming business in Brazil, advertising is one of the most effective and important ways!

• Brazilian football is closely related to the betting industry

At present, the annual growth rate of the global sports betting market is about 10%, and Brazil, a football-popular country, has huge sports betting business opportunities. For football fans in Brazil, the most important sources of information are websites and sports programs. However, the main channels for tracking real-time results are betting websites, apps, and social media. Brazil has a population of more than 200 million. As the economy continues to grow, the national income has also increased. Now is the best time to enter Brazil to establish an online gaming business!

If you want to know more about the current situation of Brazil’s online gaming industry, welcome to contact Wetron Gaming!