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Argentina successfully broke into the round of 16!

Argentina successfully broke into the round of 16

Argentina successfully broke into the round of 16!

It is always Lionel Messi’s goal to lift up the FIFA trophy. In order to realize his dream of winning the World Cup, Argentina must first advance to the round of 16. The safest way is to win the battle with Poland. In the first half of the game, Lionel Messi missed a penalty kick. Fortunately, in the second half, thanks to Alexis Mac Allister and Julián Álvarez, two young teenagers made contributions. In the end, Argentina won 2-0 and successfully won the ticket to the top 16. 

Before the game, Poland temporarily ranked first in the group. Even if they drew with Argentina, they would be able to advance. However, Argentina had an upset loss against Saudi Arabia, which ended its unbeaten record of 36 consecutive international games. Looking back at the highlights of the game, in the 36th minute of the first half, Lionel Messi was fouled by the opponent’s goalkeeper in the penalty area and got a 12-yard penalty, but he failed to seize the opportunity. In the 47th minute and 67th minute of the second half, the two new stars of the national team scored goals one after another, and Lionel Messi’s penalty-miss did not become a pity.

Although Poland lost to Argentina in this game, the two teams still advanced to the round of 16 together by virtue of their better points than Mexico. Argentina’s next-round opponent will be Australia, which has returned to the knockout round after 16 years; Poland will face defending team France.