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Live Video Casino Rising Star – Water Cube

Water Cube

Live Video Casino Rising Star – Water Cube

When live-streaming video platforms have become a red ocean, and the competition in the industry is fierce, this not only creates obstacles for players to make decisions on which platform they should choose but also makes many investors take a more cautious attitude to invest in this business. However, the new brand Water Cube has just entered the market, and it has shown the fearlessness and ambition of the potential rising star. With its beautiful appearance, professional dealers, and tricky marketing activities, it quickly established a good reputation in the industry and attracted a lot of attention. 

Water Cube officially entered the live-action video game market in 2017. Although it has not had a long history, its product includes details such as clear and high-quality presentation, stability of online live broadcasts, and real casino scenes. The Water Cube team has not only noticed everything that others may overlook, but also leads the industry with demanding standards. 

The live dealers and even supervisors of the Water Cube live broadcast team have been strictly selected and must undergo lengthy professional training. Only after passing numerous assessments can they stand on the front line and provide players with high-quality services. At the same time, in order to ensure the authenticity and fairness of live-action video games, Water Cube arranges dealer supervisors to monitor each game to ensure that every player has a fair and just game environment.

Different from other online gaming platforms, the biggest feature of Water Cube is that it has an exclusive on-site dealer studio and a comprehensive entertainment city, combined with a high-tech network of digital live broadcast technology. This makes Water Cube an outstanding platform. Players can also use the high-quality entertainment videos provided by Water Cube to get a fresh experience as if they are in a casino. Water Cube provides the most instant, exciting, and credible service guaranteed. In order to protect the rights of players and operators from infringement, Water Cube has passed the international certification of the Australian iTech live-action studio. In addition to ensuring the fairness of the game software, all member data must be encrypted by the system to protect player privacy and data security.

Currently, Water Cube offers two games, Baccarat, and Commission-free Baccarat, and is expected to add games such as Dragon Tiger, Niu Niu, and Sic Bo. In order to effectively expand the game market and increase customers, the Water Cube platform has built-in simplified, traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and other languages, and can increase according to the need of the platform. The currency value of the game also includes NT dollars, RMB, US dollars, Hong Kong dollars, Thai baht, Indonesian rupiah, Korean won, and Euros, which can also be adjusted according to the preferences of operators. 

Players can now experience the real charm of Water Cube through Flash, iOS, Android, and other methods. Furthermore, Water Cube supports seamless wallet and point transfer, and its user-friendly design is also well-received by many. From time to time, activities such as costume shows and prize giveaways are held. Through the above mentioned features, Water Cube has shown its full sincerity and dedication as a new brand to serve both operators and customers.